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I can’t seem to get enough sleep….tomorrow Matt gets paid woohoo! Pay the cable and electric bills and get some groceries. It is also his day off. Last night I was messing with graphics for a new layout but for some odd reason I have been getting very stuck on what Fonts I will use….which is sad considering I downloaded so many new ones recently. I watched Charmed and ER tonight…both very good. Made pancakes for dinner heh. On Tuesday I will have only 8 WEEKS left until my due date…Monday is my OB appointment…I hope my blood pressure is as good as it was last time although I have noticed its only at the OB office where my blood pressure is high…ER I have nice n perfect same with my normal doctor…..I think the nurse is just incompitent. Ah well….I am going to see if there is anything else to do online and then probably go back to bed. I am still hoping for a few more good hostees heh I can’t say enough how wonderful Denise is. She is a wonderful web designer not to mention how much I love her artwork. Okey off to explore online then pass out.