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October 22nd 2001 / 2 minutes to read

Well I had an OB visit at 130pm…we get there ON TIME and I don’t get seen until 3pm!!!! THEN I get my blood pressure *SUPER SUPER fantastic at 118 over 80!!!!!!!!!!!!!!* and my weight ick and all of that the babys heartrate was 150 and he was kickin a storm but we didn’t get out of there until 345PM!! SO I missed my WIC appointment totally cause it was at 245!! So it was rescheduled till next monday at 1pm but anyways just ICK fustrated me at the OB!!! OH also I am measuring at 29 weeks…and I am only 28 weeks joy…big baby heh hmmm anyways I found in my referalls a link to an old palace friends newly hosted website…..thought it was sweet of her to link me! Also I am going to attempt a samhain/halloween layout for sscom tonight/tomorrow/whenever I have the energy….OH tonight we went to Target and I got a 35mm camera with ZOOM hehehehee and it came with batteries and one roll of 12 exposure film AND we bought a 4 pack of 400 speed 35mm film KODAK all for $35 total!! So I am happy about that!!! More pictures of well Matt and prettyness outside n whatnot!! HOPEFULLY I will get a scanner type thingy soon to scan some photos for well the special folkin like Crys n what not….hmmm what else OH we also saw a really nice silver diamond ring……I dislike gold….but since I expressed how I like it well once again Matt is like we ARE getting married and all lovey dovey about that……joy…watched Angel tonight…I thought it was very good cept for the fact I thought *spolier for those who haven’t seen it yet* that Fred’s parents were like NOT her parents but evil people….wonder if anyone else had that little twinge about that? Anyways okey thirsty probably have to pee and then maybe work on a new layout of somesort!!!

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