December 17th 2001 / 2 minutes to read

Had my OB appointment today. Blood pressure was 126 over something. Had different nurse NOT evil nurse for the first time who took me SERIOUSLY about my swelling. Peed in a DIXIE cup to see if I had any protien in my urine. LALLA strip down, get on the table get INTENSE pain in my right side, EVIL OB says its from “laying down too fast” uhuh then why have I had it for the past 2 days? So I slide my booty down, get swabbed in my regions for the GBS test. Then WITHOUT my permission he gives me an internal. I literally had to ASK if my cervix was open after he did it *its not* and he wouldn’t tell me if I am effaced. He then started going off on me about the glucose test. UGH. Soooooo we leave and I ask the receptionist the results of my urine test since the OB wouldn’t tell me. I did have a trace of protein like I suspected. So I pay my co-pay and I am just FURIOUS. I literally couldn’t take it anymore. So we come home and right away I call my insurance and darn if it does not cover midwifes. So I check online for different OB’s that are covered under my ins and called and woohoo even though I am 36 weeks they accepted me! First appointment Friday the 28th at 9:30am. I am relieved. I should have done this sooner. Then we had tacos and passed out hehehehe and now here are plugs for those who signed my guestbook.

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