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I did not realise that even if I am against eating certain foods, I am still plentiful in the food department because it does not matter how I “feel” about food, it is food and I need to stop bitching. Which is like telling someone allergic to peanuts (Mary) there is plenty of food all the while surrounding her with only products made with peanuts or may contain traces of peanuts. That who cares, there is food, you need to stop being so picky all the damn time.

Yeah… that is what I was told today when I mentioned I really don’t like eating so much meat and I can’t eat just meat “Well throw some spices on it” uh yeah it is still just plain meat. Or that I won’t eat hotdogs, or I can’t eat so much pasta (makes me feel realllly sick to have so much carbs)

I am just ranting but geez

Too lazy to do a new entry for this.
So I understand it is different to be allergic and to chose not to eat a food, but I don’t see how it would make a person feel better to go against their morals on something, or to eat something that would make them ill. Yeah the food is there, yeah it won’t kill them, yeah there is a million people in the world starving at any given moment, (of which I would gladly give the food I literally can not stomach), but how does that change things? It still is like giving someone who hates bell peppers, stuffed bell peppers, or a vegan a huge meat pizza. It isn’t so much “it is food” as it is just because it is food, minus any starvation threats, doesn’t mean you should go against your body/mind just because well… its food. I have NO problem living off the same thing over and over, but what’s the point of eating something that is going to make me (and typically my son) ill afterwards?

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posted on May 5th 2003 at 3:25AM CDT

No offense, chick, but how one feels about certain foods and being allergic to certain foods are two totally different things…

It IS just food, and usually it’s not too memorable. I lived on macaroni and cheese, hot dogs, fake hamburgers, and bread this month. Literally. It left much to be desired, but I’m not going hungry.

posted on May 5th 2003 at 9:15AM CDT

I agree with Jill. It IS food.

Be thankful you are eating. SOme people don’t have it so well.

posted on May 5th 2003 at 3:54PM CDT

I think that kinda attitude is ridiculous. EG. People don’t buy cheese, if they don’t like it. Just because they aren’t buying cheese doesn’t mean they are being wasteful, it just means they aren’t eating cheese! As long as you aren’t wasting whole meals (which you shouldn’t be if your family is aware you are vegatarian) then how are you being wasteful?

As for being picky, its your moral choice and not for them to comment on.

posted on May 5th 2003 at 4:41PM CDT

I’m dreadfully sorry, I didn’t realize the COMMENT boxed wasn’t to be used to ‘comment on’

**As for being picky, its your moral choice and not for them to comment on**

And yes, it’s okay to be ‘picky’, but geez, to compare yourself to someone with an allergy, that’s very different.

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