Yeah, new layout. I will attempt to fix any issues and spiffy it up later.


Oh yeah, I totally did not care to make sure if this worked in IE. So uhh yeah WOOOO firefox and proper browsers!

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posted on March 15th 2006 at 11:48AM CST

Wow, I love the simplicity of your layout! And I like those tulip picturess! Gosh how did u do those, they look like professional studio pictures.

posted on March 15th 2006 at 12:31PM CST

ah your new layout is amazingly beautiful! =) I like it’s so simple but also so stunning =) good job!
Yeah firefox rocks (;
xx Nadja

posted on March 15th 2006 at 8:04PM CST

I’m using IE at work (only because I have no other choice in browser, I assure you), and let me tell you, it looks absolutely horrific, LOL.

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