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AWESOME photo of the bluejays! That one that’s flying looks so cool. I’m loving the pink, too!

Reply to Catie

Thank you! I was SO shocked to see ALL of those bluejays at ONE TIME!

I love these beautiful shots..My Favorite would have to be the dragonfly ;)

Thank you! I almost fell into the water getting that shot LOL.

the birdhouse is way too cool. So is this comment box!

LOL thank you!

And Miles To Go....

what beautiful shades of pink! Beautiful shots.

Reply to And Miles To Go....

Thank you so much!


I LOVE the first shot! The composition is perfect! The clarity too! Just wonderful! Great, Sarah!!

Reply to Samantha

Aww thank you so MUCH!!!


Love those shots…especially the first one.

Reply to Amanda

Thank you so much Amanda!

New Jersey Memories

I love those shots, especially of the blue jays! They are gorgeous and so is your photo!

Reply to New Jersey Memories

Aww thank you so very much!


even though it was “pink”, you still got a blue guy in there. I love you catching the dragonfly on the rose, though!

Reply to liz

Thank you! Actually it was one of the MUCH larger lotuses that they have right now!


WOW! I LOVE this photos. Flowers are one of my favorite things to photograph, so I found great joy in comparing the lighting and shadows in your pictures. However, the pink of the first photograph (with the dragonfly) immediately caught my attention. Lovely. Happy WW!

Reply to Dawn

Thank you so much! Keith pointed out to me and I almost fell into the water trying to grab that shot lol!

I was inspired to take some macro shots this weekend…and they didn’t turn out very well. Your shots are my inspiration to try again.

TRY again! Half the time my shots don’t come out. So out of 100 photos perhaps… 10-30 are decent.

However did you attain that photo? I couldn’t get the dragonflies to slow down to look at them let alone get a pic?

Keith pointed the dragonfly out to me, it was only there for maybe 30 seconds before it flew away, that was the ONLY photo I have of it!

You know that visiting your blog on Wednesdays is one of my favorite things to do. Just to see all the beautiful photos that you take…

Awww you’re so nice to me!

Pretty pictures! Love the birds!

Happy WW!

Thank you Carrie!


Gorgeous photos again, and I see the birds are still hanging around! :)

Happy WW!

Reply to amandab

Thank you! Oh yes, it is freaking THRILLING FOR US! Last night we also saw THREE raccoons under the birdfeeder LOL.

Great job! I love the first one too.

Yay thank you Beth!

Jenn Collins @ Monkey Butt Junction

Fantastic photo of the blue jays! We had a fantastic group of cardinals on our feeder a few weeks ago but lately all we’ve seen are the neighborhood bullies of the bird world: the crows. I’m not refilling our feeder for a few weeks – hopefully the crows will forget about us and the beautiful cardinals, finches and doves will come back.

Reply to Jenn Collins @ Monkey Butt Junction

I’ve only seen maybe 1 or 2 crows, usually the bluejays fight them out lol. We have 2-3 cardinals right now and 5-6 bluejays. It’s AWESOME.


Those are some gorgeous flowers!! I like to take trips to greenhouses every year just to take pics of their flowers.

Reply to Sarah

Oh yes! We frequent our local botanic garden, it’s one of my favorite places!

Holy crap. That dragon fly pic is AMAZING girl. Great job with the pics. Thanks so much for stopping by and linkin up for WW!

Omg thank you so very much!

Joni Rae

Awesome pictures- as always! And I LOVE that dragonfly pic!


Reply to Joni Rae

Thank you so much!!

Jen at Lita's World

I found you through the #31DBBB challenge and saw your comments on plugins on BlogFrog and and your blog and your tips might be the best thing I’ve discovered doing this challenge so far! I feel like I have so much to learn and I’m checking out your plugin posts and blog design info, etc. I cannot thank you so much for sharing this information – and in such a clear fashion! thank you, thank you, thank you!

Love the photographs above too! The bird shots are amazing! I’m good at never having my camera readily available when I see a bird in our feeders.

Reply to Jen at Lita's World

OH thank you so much!!

I basically SPRINT to the freaking window to grab shots of the birds LOL!

This Stupid Lamb

pretty pretty!!!

Reply to This Stupid Lamb

Thank you!

The Ranting Mommy

These are so lovely. I felt the overwhelming urge to sniff my computer screen. Well, except for the bird photos. I digress. These are ALL beautiful. Great work!

Reply to The Ranting Mommy

LOL thank you so much! I don’t recall the roses having much of a fragrance sadly, I think they are more for looks!


Great pictures. I took a break from 31DBBB to do this today too. And I love your design! Some day when I grow up my blog will be this well organized and pretty!

Reply to Andrea

Thank you so much! I just fiddle around usually with my own blog, usually on the backend where no one sees the changes LOL!



Those are beautiful photographs. I love roses.

Reply to Kim

Thank you Kim! I love roses too, especially peace roses.


my favorites are the old world roses. Non hybrids because of the fragrances. I have a collection of about 125 roses. Strangely enough. No Double Delight. I do have a lot of David Austin’s roses.

Reply to Kim

I WISH we had roses in the backyard, perhaps next year. They are such a wonderful flower. Oh wow you NEED to share photos of all the varieties you have!

Papier et encre

I love, love, love your blog design (especially the header), and of course you content is lovely too. ;)

Reply to Papier et encre

Aww thank you so much!!


Gorgeous photos Sarah!!! I want all of them to be printed out on large canvases and spread around my home!!!

Reply to Lisa

Thank you!!!!

One word: STUNNING! Love ’em all Sarah!
Sorry I’m so late in stopping by. Life has been kicking my butt lately. And…we’re moving to Missouri in a couple weeks. Talk about stressed! Hope you have a great weekend.

Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

Aww thank you!

Oh wow that does sound stressful!


LOVE these, Sarah you are so awesome! If you ever sell calender with your pictures on it, I’ll buy them in bunches :D

Reply to Maureen

Aww LOL thank you so much!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

The blue of the bluejays is spectacular, and I’m so impressed with the dragonfly. I love how you make the wilting rose look beautiful.

Reply to Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Thank you so much! I only wish we had rose bushes in our garden but alas, have to get my fix at the botanic garden lol.

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