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I have hundreds of old designs. I would like to see them used. I am going to convert some for use for the pagan journaling community, but only a few. Which still leaves hundreds lol.

Umm… I would prefer to sell them, but I am not that skilled for someone to really pay for a pre-made design.

Well I might put up something with large screen shots of old designs, you never know…

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posted on August 3rd 2004 at 11:28AM CDT

I love your designs!

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posted on August 4th 2004 at 6:25AM CDT

Sarah I am a true fan of any and ALL designs that you brilliantly create. It’s sheer genius! A very beautiful thing ^_^

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posted on August 5th 2004 at 12:43PM CDT

You can always give it a try.  You designs are very professional and unique as well as simple and clean.  I’m sure they would be very appealing to the older, professional personal site owner.

Also your knowledge of scripts is very impressive, so I’m sure you could find work in webdesigning for a company.