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April 27th 2023 / 2 minutes to read
a photo I shot using my iPhone of the moon, and if you look closely, you can see a sprinkling of stars

What? Another redesign in only a few months? Is this the early 2000s again, where I would redesign weekly?! Yes. Accurate. 100%. I couldn’t help myself.

I coded from the ground up as I had years and years of random code that I didn’t need anymore, and I wanted to reduce as much code as possible, at least compared to the last few years. I also wanted something that felt more like “me” and fitting of my now 22-year-old domain name.

I wanted the homepage to be a homepage!

We have big, bold sections for everything, including snippets, OSN Weekly, all of the recent jams I’ve been listening to, recent posts, and a little section called “On This Day,” which are the publicly published posts (say that three times fast!) over the last 22+ years.

There are updates to the resources page, FAQ page, Contact page, and About page.

I’ve added some new pages, Colophon, and /Uses.

It should be pretty good on mobile, I tested the hell out of it, and my best friend also tested it extensively. Still, the desktop version is a bit cooler with some hover effects. There’s always the chance I missed something, though.

It tests ok on PageSpeed and GTMetrix.

If you find something weird, contact me and let me know!


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Thank you!

I looked at it from my desktop. I love the animation (not sure if that’s what it’s called lol) when you hover over a link. So cool!

Yes! Awesome, thank you. I love a gradient, LOL!

Oooh! I love the redesign! Came out great. I’m viewing on mobile at the moment but I am definitely looking forward to seeing the desktop version!

Thank you so much! I know these days, everything is mobile-first, but I still read most blogs using one of my computers. I want content and to see pretty features, LOL!

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