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Well, earlier this afternoon, we went to the grocery store, while in there I was having rather painful, um pains heh, directly in my cervix, I could hardly walk, I was like well doesn’t this suck especially cause my shoes kept getting untied, poor Matt kept having to tie the darn things. So we come home, after about 30-45min we go to take a nap, I doze off, sometime later, I wake up HOT, VERY sick to my stomach, having INTENSE back pain and INTENSE cramps, Matt freaks out, gets me a cold wet washcloth which cooled me down, had me get up an move to a chair to see if that would help, I was crying my back hurt so bad. Had NO clue what was going on. Matt calls Ali and she and Matt agree I go to the hospital. Well long story short, we didn’t have to go, about 30 min after all of the pain started, my stomach, back, abdomen, everything went back to normal. NO clue what happened. I can only hope it doesn’t happen again, especially if Matt is at work! Well that’s it for now, no one is online heh, and I really have nothing to do at the moment…so I shall babble more later!