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Out of the darkness and into the sun

I want to write everyday but by the time I get home I feel like my brain can’t work. Or maybe it’s just that I have nothing of importance to say?

I had a decent day at work, although it was slow since it has been raining all day, the guys bought me breakfast lol. Feel the love!

Thanks to the perfection, MuseLog has a fantastic new design! Seriously, stare and love. We plan on getting new designs up all around Pagan at OSN this weekend hopefully!

Onto knitting fun! I used the awesome yarn named SugarTree from Pippi Knee Socks. Not only was this yarn the most… perfect… yarn in the world, but the owner is so amazing! She is so nice! I even ordered two more hanks from her tonight, I am so excited! Oh and if you order from her by all means let her know I sent you hehe. So here are pictures, the first one is the un-knitted hank, then a swatch, then the finished mostly felted product lol





You know what rocks and is super affordable? Suave came out with this fantastic smelling seasonal body wash! It is called “Crisp Apple” and it is just… amazing!


I bought a crockpot at Kohls on sale for $15 so I would love recipes for it! I bought some portabella mushrooms to hopefully get a recipe made that Kestrel gave me. Right now Matt is cooking up chicken fajitas, the feista market had them on sale for $1.50 a pound so he got two pounds. I think I might get like 4lbs tomorrow and just freeze them.

Hmm… I think that is it lol. I work tomorrow just a short day and then I am going to relax!

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posted on October 9th 2004 at 1:58AM CDT

Oooooh, love the yarn and the purse. You are taking to knitting like a fish out of water. *grin* I am glad. Will chatter with you soon. I have been insanely busy myself these days. OIY!
Have a great night…

posted on October 9th 2004 at 2:35PM CDT

Oooh, I like the new design on Muselog. Glad you had a good day at work. :)

posted on October 9th 2004 at 11:43PM CDT

So many bloggers do knitting and it looks like so much fun! I’m seriously tempted to learn, but I’m holding myself back because I’m afraid it would become another excuse not to do my homework. In fact, I’m sure it would, lol.

posted on October 11th 2004 at 3:15PM CDT

Those are really cute stuff. I love your layout design, its hot. I will see if i can gather some crockpot recipes and send them to you =)

posted on October 11th 2004 at 9:21PM CDT

hey i love ur layout and ur sites night is cool too! :)

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