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October 14th 2004 / 3 minutes to read

I am snacking on some pomegranate seeds right now, nummy goodness. These delectable treats always remind me of autumn for some odd reason.


I haven’t really knitted anything new lately although I have some fun yarn in my stash. Just unsure of what specifically to knit! I am doing a mindless knitting scarf. I figure a lot of people are going to get scarfs this year lol. I want to knit my son some clothing but having a bit of trouble coming across any toddler patterns.

For kicks here are some links of yarn I desire!! (have to love Ebay!)
Manos del Uruguay Wool Yarn – Lovely Fall Colors, 3 sks
Anything from Pippi Knee Socks (her ebay store) because she is so freaking amazing!
Autumn Leaves… Handspun, hand-dyed Chunky Wool Hank
Winter Blue, Handspun, Hand-dyed Wool Hank
Licorice Twist… Handspun & dyed Pure Wool Hank

I updated Visionary, my photolog!

I finally whipped up my autumn altar. I fell in love with the indian corn. So amazing!






A lot of stuff has been going on at work, I can’t discuss it but suffice to say I am so grateful my bosses are back in town lol. Oh and if you’re reading hi Kim!! (she’s the one who hooked me up with this job so we love her don’t we!)

My 23rd birthday is this upcoming Sunday, the 17th. I have a depressed feeling it will go un-noticed this year. My sister has been out of work for months so isn’t able to buy me anything even though I feel like she has the ability to make homemade glitter for me… my mom got me two magazine subscriptions (I got a card from her today), my father well, all I want from him is a card and to take me to the nearby farmers market so I can purchase happiness since I get paid tomorrow. My one friend in the area, well, for some odd reason any attempts to hang out physically end up thwarted so I give up on that. Really all I want are cards. A lot of cards. Real cards. If you want my address by all means I will share. Oh and yarn and knitting, oh and glitter, yes glitter, love the glitter! Pagany things would be nifty too lol. Oh yes all about the wanting!!

I am still waiting to be paid for a job I did somewhat recently, I need to buy my son some shoes, his are totally worn out already. Plus he needs more socks. Always with the socks I swear!!

On Oprah today, her guest, well her celeb guest was Celine Dion (who I think is amazing!), actually cried for some of the guests on the show, which was about couples having children against all odds basically, and this one couple, well they recently married and found out the husband had advanced cancer so they froze his sperm and he passed on and his wife went ahead and had a set of twins from that (isn’t that amazing?) and I guess it hit home because Celine’s husband had cancer and just ok rambling but it made me all emotional and such too.

I don’t know what else to say. More like I have so much to say but I just don’t know how to let it all out. I hope that makes sense!

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Hehehe…love the fall pictures. The altar looks fabulous.
Oh yes, I thought I was the only one who loved Pomegranates. They are a lot of work though.

Ooooooh, and I love Celine Dion too. Hubby makes fun of me about it. I think she is great, love her voice, etc. I missed the show though. *sniff*
Have a great weekend! :-)

Reply to Lani

Give me address and I will send stuff…maybe not alot but at least a card

Reply to Sharon

your autum altar looks beautiful!!
i’m pre-drafting your roving and it will be yarn by the end of the night! (*knocks wood*)

happy birthday a day early!!!!!!

Reply to pippi

I love your altar! Happy Birthday! And thanks for sharing the Pippi Knee Socks link. I am drooling!

Reply to redthewitch

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