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July 20th 2009 / 3 minutes to read


As you can hopefully see, I’ve made yet more little changes all over the place. I would super appreciate your feedback. Granted it will look awful on IE, but here’s hoping the majority of my visitors don’t use that browser heh.

I am really at my breaking point lately, nothing has changed on the medical side of things (still looking for a HCP, trying to get my records, etc) with the exception of a new condition called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction or SPD for short. Basically it started in my 2nd trimester and has gotten worse since then. It’s very painful to roll over in bed, walk, lift my foot an inch off the ground, etc. Makes for one sleep deprived and cranky pregnant chick. I rarely DO anything because it’s just too damn painful. This has been a pregnancy full of complications hasn’t it!

It’s also hit me that I am only 10 weeks away from my estimated due date. Ahh where has the time gone? I found out I was pregnant at 3 1/2 weeks, had it confirmed at 4 weeks… I remember being told often that this would be “such a long” pregnancy. Like anything else involving children, the time just flies by.

My father had recently spent some time with my oldest son and told me he may assist me in purchasing cloth diapers for the new baby, I emailed him about it a few days ago and haven’t heard back. It would be such a financial and emotional relief if he follows through, I really am not looking forward to putting this baby in ‘sposies for any length of time and financially it wouldn’t be until he is 3-5 months old before I can build a stash that would last the diapering years.

Onto other things, I have my sleep schedule completely backwards from my son and my boyfriend, I’m up all night until 8-10am, sleep until 9-10pm, where as they go to bed no later than 2am depending on the day’s activities. I think because I am in the bedroom most of the time (I can not express how much it physically hurts to do anything but sit or lay still), that I don’t get the sunlight I need to function like a day person (I so wanted to say day-walker lol).

Curious, generally what do you make each week for dinner? I have what the boyfriend calls “anti-cravings” to food, hyperemesis will do that to ya! We need to make a grocery trip badly and would like any new meal ideas you may want to share!

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This design gets more gorgeous every time you tweak it (and it doesn’t look all that bad in IE, either!). I wish I had tips on dinner – we’ve been eating pasta with a garlic oil sauce and pan-fried fresh green beans for dinner a lot lately.

Reply to Alicia

Only ten weeks to go! Better schedule the induction now. Convenience, cute tiny babies and no tearing and stretching and all that jazz. ;) Kidding! I hope the last quarter of your pregnancy is kinder to you than the first three quarters have been. *hug*

Dinner… oh man, I wish I could help, but I SUCK at meal ideas. I do love throwing meat, pasta and veggies together in a skillet… or in a casserole. Breakfast for dinner is fun, too. There’s nothing like homemade waffles sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon or powdered sugar. :)

Reply to Jenn

I’m sorry to hear about your SPD. It sounds very uncomfortable. :( I’m sorry. I hope your father helps out. That would be a nice relief.

I’m a very huge Italian and Asian fan when it comes to dinner. I’ll take a few recipes and just mix things together. I hope you find some ideas!

Reply to Angel

The new changes look nice. They are subtle but pretty.
The SPD sounds awful. I hope that it doesn’t plague you much longer.
As far as dinners, we eat all kinds of different things although I’ve found that I HAVE to cook because then I just base it off my cravings. It seems like anytime Andy cooks, it’s something that I do NOT want to eat that day. We have lots of wraps or quesadillas since those are quick and easy to make. You just grill up some chicken or steak, slice it up and add cheese, lettuce, sliced peppers, and roll it in a flour tortilla. I’ve also found that I cannot eat Chinese these days as it will make me sick, so we go with a lot of Italian dishes like spaghetti, tortellini with marinara, and ravioli. But I’d recommend you wander over to Pioneer Woman’s cooking section ) and browse around. She always has brilliant recipes over there and you might find something new to try. Or her new site Tasty Kitchen which is a huge community recipe place.
Good luck. =)

Reply to Erin

@Alicia, thank you so much! The dinner problem usually ends up with a fight, and then ordering out or getting fast food which I typically get sick off of anyway.

@Jenn, lol, really though my eyes have been opened to how many people are “anti vbac” it’s insane!! I don’t think anyone in their right mind would “choose” a c-section over a vaginal birth unless medically needed (breech/transverse like in our previous situations). I think I would do better emotionally (since physically I accept I’m screwed right now) if I had one ounce of support from ANYONE physically around me.

Part of the dinner problem is I normally can’t do it anymore so I have to rely on the BF who apparently, NEVER knows what to make for dinner unless I am extremely specific, and since I don’t really enjoy food lately, it becomes a nightly fight.

@Angel, I do a lot of Italian (cause I’m… Italian lol) and Mexican (grew up in Tucson, AZ), it gets hard relying on others to do all the cooking all the time I guess!

@Erin, thank you! Yeah the SPD is… painful. Very painful. My quality of life if you will has decreased tremendously. I didn’t have this issue in my first pregnancy so I was not prepared for it this time around, plus with the two previous OB offices I had gone to, they told me that basically I was being over dramatic. Turns out it’s a valid and recognized condition.  I have so much bitterness with OB’s heh.

Ohhh I am so checking out the Tasty Kitchen website right now!

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