May 31st 2002 / 2 minutes to read

We are moving into the house, I am at the apt at the moment…actually, Matt has agreed to get a hotel room for the night. I just…the old tenents of the house left it TRASHED, the landlord is having the downstairs carpet shampooed but everything, the windows, all rooms, walls, EVERYTHING is trashed.
Not to mention the fact I once again have mono. I was hospitalized for a week the first time I had it and I am trying to avoid the same course. I called my sister to see if she would come down and help me out, but natrually, she will not. I understand she finally is working again, but I desperatly NEED some help.
I need help with cleaning, with just helping me with Daniel, I am sooo exhausted. There is so much to do, yet I can’t get anything done.
I am fustrated with OneStarryNight, I get hosting requests from 9-17 yr olds, hello can’t you people read? I specifically state 18 years or older. Telling me you want me to host them because “angelfire SUCKS dude!” isn’t exactly heart warming. And now I have one of my hostees buying a domain, which is fine and great, but considering the lack of luck I have with hosting people, sometimes I am unsure of what to do with OneStarryNight should I just forget all the rules, host almost whomever, host family and friends and give up on the fantasty of an active domain?
I just….need help…and there is not a single soul who can help us. Matt’s friends, they were supposed to help us move. Well, the one with the truck, decided to go home and nap only after moving our bed. Since he was the one with the truck, there wasn’t much the second, nicer guy, could do.
I seriously need friends right now.

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