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When I last went to my thyroid doctor, whom I had started seeing in March 2020, it was early November, we had finally got my thyroid functioning again after 8+ years of it going in a downward spiral of hypothyroidism. I no longer had to go every 6 weeks! I could wait a whole 6 months!

And then this month my blood work showed, as well as my physical symptoms, that my thyroid stopped functioning again. So we’ve decided to raise my T3 dosage while keeping my T4 dosage the same. We also discovered that I have pretty high estrogen dominance and very low progesterone so I will be starting a progesterone prescription and a new supplement to help balance my hormones.

We didn’t do a CBC this time so I have no idea if either of my 2 forms of anemia improved, doubt it, they never do, but still. My ANA test for autoimmune disease isn’t getting any worse than when I first tested positive, so I suppose that’s a positive.

I feel so helpless though because I know that my extreme stress level is a huge part of why my body is freaking out and that barring some sort of financial miracle, I don’t have a way of removing myself from what is causing the stress in my life.

I finally found a new gynecologist and made an appointment for the end of May for a full exam. I know I need to start getting mammograms now too, being 40, and I hope to get that done in May or June.

I still need to find a neurologist, not just for my migraines but primarily because I’m worried about the issues I still have after I had a concussion many years ago.

It’s exhausting and frustrating to have so many issues at my age and to have dealt with them for a decade or more. It’s also very isolating.

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Spring Equinox

A blessed Ostara / Spring Equinox / First Day of Spring to you!

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