I broke my finger… again.

Damn bedskirt! You shall rot in the boiling depths of evil!

It hurts so bad right now.

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posted on January 9th 2005 at 11:59PM CDT

You broke your finger??? … on your bedskirt? I don’t get it. Hmpth, either way, I hope you’re not in too much pain! :(

posted on January 10th 2005 at 12:14AM CDT

Oh my!!! What finger? Can you still knit? LOL! Sorry you can see how my brain works now. Anywho I hope it doesn’t hurt too terribly much.

posted on January 10th 2005 at 12:53AM CDT

SHITTY! :( How long does it take to heal?

posted on January 10th 2005 at 8:20AM CDT

How the heck?

posted on January 10th 2005 at 11:03PM CDT

I’m sorry about your finger…I’ve never broken my finger but I did get a really nasty cut (through 7 layers of skin) on my thumb and it had to be bandaged like I broke it, so I know how much of a pain that can be.  Take it easy, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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