November 9th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I have another migrane. I took more excedrin migraine medicine. I hurt so bad. I can hardly move. I just want to cry. This sucks so much. I don’t know how I can possibly work at 7am-1pm tomorrow.

My current temperature is 101.8.

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You *can’t* work. They’ll have to understand that. It’s bad business to make you work, because you can’t deal with customers properly in that state. They should know that. Let them know that you’re still very sick and that you’re unable to work until your fever is at least stable. *hugs* Rest, rest rest. Still sending happy energy to you.

Reply to Kristin

Oh wow, you really sick! I hope you start feeling better soon. Have you been to the doctor? I just got over being sick. It sux b/c when I get sick my head always feels like its heavy and going to bust and thenmy body feels kinda weightless. It’s weird. I really love your layout! It’s very nature like, very peaceful. What programs did you use for it? Welp, get well soon :)

Reply to Jamie

Hey. Love the layout. I wish I could make some tables like yours here! I hope you feel better…I’ve never gotten a migraine but I have a headache and I’m sure its nothing compared to yours. Well keep up the good work!

Reply to Christina

Don’t go to work, they should understand. :)

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