April 24th 2003 / 1 minute to read

I have a wicked headache. I slept really bad, then early this morning my sister wakes me up asking ME for toll change. HELLO, she makes over a grand a month and she is asking ME for money? ANY money I get goes directly to my son, not to my sister. I just… ugh… she was bitching at me all day yesterday as Crystal knows, because I didn’t want her using my computer, when she has her own now. Apparently that makes me into this evil selfish bitch. Doesn’t matter that I spent over two days trying to get her computer to play videos properly. Course not.

Ugh. On the good side of things, the car title is finally done, but it will still take a month to get all these special letters and crap from the Ohio and Arizona DMV’s. At least it is getting done though.

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i was just dropping by to say thanks for joining my eleanor rigby fanlisting. :). now that i’m here, i think your site looks fantastic!!i love the soft colours of the layout.
ok then. c-ya later. hope your headache gets better.

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Angel Whispers

Glad to hear things are moving on the car.  Sorry things aren’t going well between you and your sister.  Sisters can be a pain sometimes… I have 2 of my own.

Hope you feel better, soon!  Thanks for putting my new layout up… I love it!  :o)

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