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I have a wicked headache, it is rather painful. Too bad Matt is working otherwise I would be hysterically crying it hurts that bad, but crying around Daniel will probably set him off crying and that would be bad.

I have been able to blog a lot today, I think I am using my time better, well not like I do much else heh. I feel really bad that I offended Tess…I don’t mean too, I honestly was not so “hard-core” about breastfeeding *words from Daniel’s evil Ped* until I got pregnant, I knew I would always breastfeed but since pregnancy and until now, it kinda got to the point where I became less tolerant of anything but, I really need to work on relaxing my views on that.

Tomorrow we are going to the GoodWill store and seeing if they have any good baby clothes, since the baby resale shop in PA, went out of buisness. Matt also is going to do laundry, fun for him! I’m going to send my father and mother a few “real” pictures of Daniel, I have one more roll of film my mom sent me so I am going to take some more in the next few days and send those off. It’s the 110 film and camera so everythings cheap, so we can actually afford double prints, one print is for us and the other is divided between my mom ‘n dad.

This headache is driving me nuts, I have no clue what is causing it. The pain is just relentless. Like a constant pounding pain in my temples stretching across my forehead. Also some pain in my neck. This sucks.

Okey I think that is it for now. Remember, if you have any ideas for any projects, please let me know!