Pain and Water

July 28th 2004 / 1 minute to read

1. Migraine

It hurts very bad, I took some meds, helped a bit, but slowly coming back

2. Nothing to drink, literally

All of my bottled water is gone, milk is gone, and we have no soda. Literally no water, you scoff. Seriously no water, the apartment complex sent out a notice that the water MIGHT be turned on again around 3pm but they are doing… “something” that “requires all of the water” to be turned off in the complex.

I think #2 is making #1 a hell of a lot worse. I can’t take anymore meds because I literally have nothing to drink to take them with. Uhh anyone willing to bring me over some water or soda or something?? Bleh this sucks.

My sister loves me! She read this entry and pay-pal’ed me money! For NO REASON! Without asking!!

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Aaaaw, that entry made me feel sad! If I had any way of sending you water I would, despite the fact that I don’t even know you. =(

Reply to Katie

Migraines are the worst! :(

Reply to Sofia

try some lavendar tea…it is this weeks focus after all.

Reply to malory

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