March 20th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

Right now, as I sit here, listening to Celine Dion heh, I am very happy. Like actually happy. Not like just hey whatever, but hey I am happy. Matt is playing with a VERY perky Daniel in the “big bed” and I look at them together and realize this is the reason I moved out here and put up with all I did to get to this point. To start my own little family. Perky family indeed hehe. I feel like I am bursting with creativity. I’ve been looking up ideas for decorating an apartment or just specific rooms, also reading the book Ali got me entitled “How to Decorate & Furnish Your Apartment on a Budget”, it is a wonderful book. Oh, idea! I made Ali do this the other day over an instant message, Picture an empty room, which room is it? Now put belongings in that room, even the littlest thing like toothpaste in a bathroom put your responses below!
Well, I am going to stop by the Forums make sure to stop by and join if you haven’t already!
Oh, wanted to mention, I figured out the PHP script! I installed it on the main site, my blog, and all of my hostees sites as well. Well that’s it for now!

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