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Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. The cable dude is supposed to come this morning!

Well, my day yesterday…Matt got paid so we went to the baby resale store. THE ONLY place I allowed myself, besides Arbys, to walk from the car into store and back to car etc. So we got SOOOOO much clothes for only $30! Seriously I should take some pictures because half of this stuff is awesome.

So anyways, all yesterday morning I was loosing MORE chunks of my mucous plug, but not more than usual, so we go to Arby’s, I have to pee heh so you know, wiping, and the entire toliet paper was just, thats right folks, mucous plug niceness….so I tell Matt, we tell the baby stay in there until wednesday heh…so we go do laundry,you know, wash all the new baby stuff, our two comforters, some towels sheets, etc. Before we leave, during the drying of the clothes, I once again, have to pee, so I go and once again a EXTREMELY large amount of my mucous plug. So after THAT, I start getting a really bad backache, and pretty often coming cramps, we make the wild assumption, “hey perhaps THESE are contractions!” which any other time would have thrilled us but well with baby situation,it scared us. So we come home, Matt makes the bed ALL BY HIMSELF! Helps me into bed, cramps and backache still coming for about 2-3 hours, I hurt, I really did hurt. Eventaully everything calmed down body wise, I have a light backache still but not the cramps. It did throw us for a scare though since we just aren’t READY not to mention we don’t want me to have an emergency c-section. It’s scary enough to have a c-section at all. So that was my lovely day heh.

I wonder how many people noticed me not blogging? Or being online? ahhaa if you noticed my abscense tell me! I wanna feel the LOVE! Okey I should go back to bed, Matt set the alarm for 730am cause they are supposed to come from like 8-10am. Okey so give the love and I shall babble more later!