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I have a pet peeve. When domains use like “hosted” scripts. I feel *if the hosting you bought supports it* that if you think you are ready to have an actual domain, you should learn how to have basic CGI scripts, like megabook or greymatter etc. For me personally its a drag to go to a site, go to their gbook or blog or whatever and have a “page not responding” because ack its not even hosted on their own site! NOT to mention the ads that come with the “hosted” scripts. Well that is my little rant for now. I am very perky to see my counter is way over 500 hits now. Makes me feel the loveeeeeeee. There are more people I want to link, I am just lazy since I am TRYING to do a darn layout for the site but can’t figure out WHAT! I mean should it be seasonal? Holiday style? The options I have! I am most likely going to take silly pictures with my digital camera later, like of pens, the nautica competition colonge of Matt’s,etc. Okey going to eat leftover tacos *my staple pregnancy food hehehehe*

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