Petty Behavior… and the joy of WoW

August 18th 2007 / 2 minutes to read

A wee small entry… I had a thought tonight (yes… just ONE single thought) that it sure is a shame that so many “adults” (legal sure… mentally and emotionally? Not so much.) take SO much time out of their day to “flame” other people based on weight, parenting, writing style, blog topics, etc. I refuse from now on to even have in my glitter bubble any negative people. If you are a person that spends even ONE hour a day bitching about some online person you don’t even KNOW on your blog, on message boards… well then you aren’t a person I want in my life. Oh and yes. I realize so few people will understand this chunk of the entry.

Anyway! WoW is glorious. I am Ametrine on the Dark Iron Realm, Amazonite on Maiev Realm, and a bunch others on a bunch of different realms, but those are my two main characters right now.

My right contact lens tore in half tonight…. while in my eye. That was an… interesting experience. So tomorrow I have to spend $50 I REALLY don’t have, on contacts. Monday I have to get up early so I can register my son for kindergarten before work since school starts on Wednesday. Does any other momma’s have any kindergarten tips for me? I am freaking out about it.

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Oh no! Not you, too! Everyone I know plays WoW. I did once, and I was addicted for 3 days with no sleep whatsoever. However, now I play Guild Wars. I love it. It’s basically identical to WoW, but you don’t have to pay monthly for the right to play it, which is just lovely for me, being poor and all. :P


I definitely understand. And thank you.

WoW is an incredibly addictive game, or so it seems! While I have no interest in gaming, I’m afraid to even give WoW a try, lest I get sucked into it.

Contacts: how ARE contacts? I’m looking at shelling out $175 to have the lenses in my glasses replaced (long story involving me trying to take a shower while Dan was supposed to be watching Ryan, and his teeth meeting my lenses)… and… yeah. I’m kind of sick of glasses, to be perfectly honest!

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I have to get new contacts, too… but I have to wait for mine to come by mail since they’re out of my preferred brand at the eye place. 

And I hear ya on the first paragraph!

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WoW is glorious :) I recently started playing again.  Are you Horde or Alliance, and what are your main’s classes?

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Ok, I really need to check out this WoW.

I switched from contacts back to glasses because I couldn’t take the tearing and dry eyes. But I can’t stand having glasses because I lose them all the time.

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I heard that there was plague on WoW, did your character get caught up in it? :S

I don’t play WoW, I don’t really want to. However, I’m quite partial to playing The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, I love that game.

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i think you look adorable in glasses…..the one photo of you in them i’ve seen. that’s how i first met you. i commented on your glasses. are you getting contacts to subdue my eye glass fixation??? probably….the world revolves around me you know.
as for kindergaarten……………………..
i’m sure you’ve raised him to be kind, intelligent, and unselfish= he’ll be fine. you= get to know the teacher.

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It’s very annoying when people do that. Talk about other people, and say bad things about them and they don’t even know them personally. Sigh. Some people really need to grow up. It also annoys me when people say such negative things about celebrities, because really, they’re not different from other people and they’re just doing their job, and a few days ago, on a forum, I read something about someone who wanted [insert celeb name here] to die. Unbelievable.

I haven’t played WoW in the last… 3 weeks? Or so? I play on Turalyon, by the way.

If your contact broke while it was in your eye, didn’t it hurt? :( And 50 dollars for contacts. Crazy!

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Hi honey! I’ll add you to my friends list on Maiev!!!

BTW, TAG! You’re it. :) See my place for details!!

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I do not have any “major” advice for your son entering kindergarten, except I’m sure he will adjust alot faster than you will. Take it one day at a time, do not expect him to be the top of the class skipping grades and reading and writting like a professional by the end of the first week, or even the end of the year. He is a child. I also encourage forming some sort of relationship with the teacher, at least speaking to him/her at least once a week (or more) about the positives and the negatives, as well as to inform the teacher about any sort of “changes” in your child’s life (minor or major) so then they can help support you and your child. Also your childs teacher will be an excellent resource for anything you might need (dr’s, child events, specialized testing, book ideas, family outing suggestions, etc..) Best of luck in ‘big boy school’ …

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Sarah (mirthful Sarah, that is) – my husband got so excited over your comment about Elder Scrolls that he pointed to your comment and name and stammered out, “Do you know that?”
I said, “You mean that as in HER?”

He says yeah, and offers his apologies. But yeah. He is very interested in hearing about your Elder Scrolls progress!

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