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I updated my total to the right, but my phone bill is large so almost all of that will be going to the phone bill so I will only have about $100.00.

I would really appreciate any work. I am starting to really worry. I can’t just wait for Matt to get everything situated. I need to DO something to help. I don’t have any friends out here to watch my son while I work. I can’t afford $200 a week for a daycare. I am really stuck. It doesn’t help that my sister instant messages me while I am sleeping, past midnight, complaining that I am sleeping and how she wants me gone… the actual text is in the restricted entry lol.

I am just starting… to freak out majorly because I don’t know what my options are.

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posted on July 22nd 2003 at 4:56PM CDT

hey sarah,
i wish i could help more.. but i just went broke (i had a few bills of my own to pay).. but if i get any extra money i will send your way… i wish i lived closer to ya because i would be more than happy to watch your son for ya.. wouldnt charge ya either..  *big hugs*!

posted on July 23rd 2003 at 8:15PM CDT

Perhaps you should cut back on the phone and you’d have money. There is no way anyone needs to spend that amount of money on a phone, especially if you supposedly need the help that you say you do. And if it’s long distance that you are using perhaps you should consider calling cards or even a cell phone with nation wide long distance and free nights and weekends, since a LOT of the cell phone companies have that option. I was going to donate a pay check to you but after seeing how much your phone bill runs i don’t believe you need the money that bad. I’m not here to pay your bills, now if you need to get your son out of an abusive house that’s fine but MY hard earned money will not pay for your lazy butt sitting on a phone all day.

posted on July 24th 2003 at 12:47AM CDT

**hugs**  I can’t believe someone wrote something that awful in your comments!  I’ve had a phone bill up that high before too – my sister made a lot of calls saying she’d pay us back and didn’t.  I don’t know your situation with the phone and would never judge you for it!  End rant lol.  Sorry about that!  I’d send you money if I had some – I think it takes guts to leave a situation like that – more power to you!!  I’m sorry I can’t be any help.  :-(  As far as the instant message left while you were sleeping – how can anyone be so crule?  That definately sucks.  You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

posted on July 24th 2003 at 7:06AM CDT

No one said you *had* to donate.  You didn’t have to add all that hateful crap to your comment. You have no right to judge Sarah’s situation.  Perhaps you should have emailed her and found out a bit more about her situation instead of assuming things.

If you don’t like the site, then don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out.

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