I just had a very long almost 3 hour on the phone conversasion with MJ. heheheh purrrr my online ghetto freindz (notice the spelling? I ax u did u notice da spelin?)

Matt imed me tonight. VERY shocking to me. I think I am in his brain lol.

Tomorrow I probably will have to work good times. I am so bleh probably should sleep… but… effort!

posted on September 14th 2003 at 6:43PM CDT

Hope you’re feeling less blah today! While we need this weather it’s not helpful in that department is it!?!

Of course you’re in his brain, you are the mother of his child, you better be there unless he’s a total unfeeling knob!

posted on September 15th 2003 at 4:23AM CDT

I love love LOVE your layout. It’s great. :)