Photographic Study: Pink Gerber Daisy

January 8th 2010 / 1 minute to read







My boyfriend Keith bought me these flowers to give me something to photograph as it’s just too cold to take the baby outside.

I would appreciate your thoughts, comments, even respond with a photo of a flower!

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You’ve got some nice shots here! The last two are my favorites.

Reply to Cheryl

Very lovely! I’m curious why you don’t post your EXIF information on Flickr though.

What lens did you use?

I really like the softness of that last photo!
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Reply to Lynda

@Cheryl, thank you!

@Lynda I would love to, the only reason is that the data doesn’t SAVE if I copy the photo. See I create the round edge, the paste the photo onto a new image with the background color I use on OSN (lol does that make sense?) the EXIF doesn’t transfer with the image. I suppose I would have to go back and manually enter it all in from the original?

I used my 50mm and my 105mm lenses, ISO 400. Natural light from the bedroom window.


You and that camera are a match made in heaven. That is some really, really beautiful stuff right there.
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Reply to TheFeministBreeder

Aww thank you SO MUCH!!!

Whoa those last two are stunning. Daisies are my favorite too. :)
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Lovely! Here’s mine (which is totally different):

Reply to Tasha

You can’t just add a layer below the photo and fill it with the background color? That way you wouldn’t have to lose your EXIF data.

This is my fave gerber daisy shot:

I love them, they are one of my favorite flowers because they look soo… HAPPY!
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Reply to Anna

Those colours are to die for! The last two especially deserve a frame and wall space!

Reply to Melodie

@Lisa Marie thank you so much!

@Tasha your photo is lovely!

@Anna I guess because I had been doing it the overly complicated way forever lol. I will have to re-train myself to do it the easy way!

I love your photo, you’re right, they are just happy flowers!

@Melodie we are thinking of redoing the bathroom and having pink/bright pink be the accent color and you are so right, those would make awesome prints and really work well with the “new/eventual” bathroom color scheme!


Aw so pretty, really well done :)
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Reply to Damita

Those are some beautiful shots. I really love the color. There is a really nice subtle vintage feel in the photographs. I could see some of those as beautiful prints to hang on a wall.

Reply to Christina

Gorgeous. That about sums it up! Oh, and I love the Twilight books in the background. :)

Reply to Kristi

Thank you so much! LOL I can totally tell who the Twilight fans are!

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