Photographs: Tristan

October 6th 2009 / 1 minute to read

Here are some photos of our newest son, Tristan. The hospital photos were shot by my boyfriend Keith. Mad skills right!





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Ohhhh! Now you’ve got my ovaries all excited, darn it. Seriously, he’s just lovely. Thanks for sharing!
.-= {Cheryl´s shared blog entry… Breathe} =-.

Reply to Cheryl

He’s so cute! Congratulations, Sarah, Keith & Danny! :)
.-= {jess´s shared blog entry… Tree Hugger} =-.


Omgosh he is so precious. Congrats again Sarah.
.-= {Amanda´s shared blog entry… Breastfeeding Status and car problems} =-.

Reply to Amanda

He is gorgeous!! Almost making me ready for another one. lol Congrats again!!
.-= {Ashley´s shared blog entry… That Loving Feeling} =-.

Reply to Ashley

Awww, how adorable! This makes me jealous that I don’t have my own little squishy baby!! :)
.-= {Kecia´s shared blog entry… My Mountain Day Weekend} =-.


He is absolutely gorgeous dear! Congratulations on such a handsome little man.
.-= {Kayla´s shared blog entry… Take this class and shove it.} =-.

Reply to Kayla

Oh my, Sarah. He’s beautiful. Congratulations to all of you.

Reply to Katy

Awww he is so cute!!!
.-= {Damita´s shared blog entry… Back to uni} =-.

Reply to Damita

Zomg, I love those little baby hats. So precious! Little Tristan looks so very peaceful for a baby. =) Congratulations again!

Reply to Erin

He is so beautiful. Congratulations!!!!
.-= {Lynda´s shared blog entry… Body After Baby : Week Two!} =-.

Reply to Lynda

Thank you all so much!!

Aww he is gorgeous… makes me miss Lucas as a squishy newborn lol


He is so handsome!!! The image of a perfect baby. Congratulations!
.-= {Pepper´s shared blog entry… Little Mama’s Boy} =-.

Reply to Pepper

He is so, beautiful! I can already see how much he looks like his big brother! What a sweet baby he is <3!

Reply to Mary

That is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of baby. Simply gorgeous, you are so very lucky; congratulations on bringing a wonderful life to the world.

Also I hope you enjoy your Birthday, you have so much love surrounding you for once, its heart warming to see things work out :) You deserve it.

Reply to Simon

Awwww! He’s sooo cute!

Aww thank you all so much! I keep joking I only breed squishy cute boys in my womb lol.


Wow! Tristran is so adorable! Congratulations, again! Thanks for sharing such wonderful photographs with us! I can’t wait to see more and more!
.-= {Caity´s shared blog entry… One of those days.} =-.

Reply to Caity

@Caity, thank you so much! I keep joking that I only breed sweet adorable boys lol.

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