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I was talking with Mary on the phone, and well, would you pay $2.50-3.00 per month to have a hosted photolog ? As in completely set up for you, all you have to do is log in, slap in picture maybe write about it and recieve all the glory and praise? It’s cheaper, easier, etc than purchasing your own domain and is better tech support wise instead of those”free” hosting type places like angelfire/geocities/etc. I would like to hear your thoughts!

*Can’t ya tell I am trying to find ways to support my lovely 2 year old bundle of cuteness*

posted on August 3rd 2004 at 6:40PM CDT

That’s definitely a great deal for a photolog.
Lol, yep you can tell you’re trying to come up with ways to support the wee one.

posted on August 3rd 2004 at 6:59PM CDT

I think that’s a great idea Miss Sarah :) Personally I wouldn’t because we already pay for hosting and what not, okay so it’s really because I’m photographically challenged ;)

You could even go as far as having a “standard” layout and then have semi exclusive (or just plain exclusive) paid layouts.


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