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Wow — nice! Your older son (Danny?) looks just like you!

Reply to Cheryl

The fifth picture down is my absolute favorite! Such a great shot and such cute lil boys. :D
.-= {Erin´s shared blog entry… here is to today being a good day} =-.

Reply to Erin

Great pictures… I love the ones where your boys are laying on the floor looking at each other… I just found out I am pregnant again, my girls seem excited they are 2 and 4….
.-= {draven´s shared blog entry… Too early?} =-.


Awwww! :)
.-= {Lynda´s shared blog entry… Sleepy Boy} =-.

Reply to Lynda

So adorable! I love the last one
.-= {Thasanee´s shared blog entry… Monday! Monday! Monday!} =-.

Reply to Thasanee

Aww thank you everyone! Daniel LOVES his little brother and is a huge help for me. Draven, congrats on the new pregnancy!

The last three photos are my favorite! Absolutely adorable! :)
.-= {Lisa Marie´s shared blog entry… Boston Cream Cupcake} =-.


Cute! But you had me hooked with the first shot having a World of Warcraft poster in the background. <3

Really like the last one.

Reply to jerry

@Lisa Marie, thank you so much!

@Jerry, lol my main is a level 80 Draenei Mage. I got Keith playing last year and Daniel loves his DK. We have 2 of those posters hanging in the bedroom and a huge mirror decal in the activity room.


I love the photos of Danny and Tristan. I bet Danny is a great big brother! :)
.-= {Maree´s shared blog entry… Preparing for NaNoWriMo} =-.

Reply to Maree

Oh Daniel is an awesome big brother!! He is so sweet to the baby and is SUCH a big help.

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