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On the phone with Sari:

Ali pierced her tongue.

Pierced.  Her TONGUE.  Pierced.
Sarah said it looks really really good.  I’m supposed to be getting pictures soon so heheheh.

To Matt:  Sarah says thank you for your sweet comment.  She loves you too.

Well, that’s all from your temporary hostess, Ambie.

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posted on January 26th 2004 at 8:56AM CST

um hmm ali got her tongue done huh let me guess to impress jessica i wouldnt doubt that well thats cool i guess she is a rebell go her anyways its been snowing non stop here wish it would stop between being 2 gergees then to 30’s to fall back to single digits in same day added with inchs of snow this is bad weather times here my poor lil car trys to make it through but i end up sliding all over the roads its funny anyways i want you to know Sarah i miss you and have been thinking about you tons well im going to go its supossed to start freezing rain to sleet to 4-6 more inchs snow later i dont want to be out in that take cares sweetie i wuvs ya

posted on January 26th 2004 at 10:13AM CST

Eww, I would never pierce my tongue :/ It just sounds far too painful, heh.

I havent been here in ages, been too busy with work to stop by, which is rude of me. I didnt even know Sarah was gone :(

posted on January 28th 2004 at 3:42PM CST

hey whoever is doing the blog for sarah next time can you tell her i havent been able to call or nething its been snowing here and bad roads all week supossed to snow everyday till tuesday at least go ohio weather yay well thanks

posted on January 30th 2004 at 10:30AM CST

Hi!  Randomly came through your site today, but I would like to comment.  The tongue piercing is actually one of the least painful piercings there is.  I know, both me and my wife have them.  She equated it to getting her ears pierced.  Very tame, the only real drawback is the swelling which goes away in about 3 days or so.

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