These are pineapple cookies with a powdered sugar glaze I made for the cookie exchange at work tomorrow. I don’t eat cookies so I don’t know if they taste good lol so I will find that out tomorrow. If they are a hit, I plan on baking more when I get paid and sending them out (among other treats) to the ones I care about.

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posted on December 21st 2003 at 12:10AM CDT

MMMM they look yummy.  Are you going to post the recipe someplace?

posted on December 21st 2003 at 1:06AM CDT

those cookies look good! i’m in florida! we drove straight through! it took us 20 and a half hours! and i get here and it’s cold! i mean like in the 40’s! i hope i see you online tomorrow!

posted on December 21st 2003 at 2:32AM CDT

Pineapple cookies?  That’s new.  They look delicious!

posted on December 21st 2003 at 10:08AM CDT

Oh man..those cookies look really good. Made me hungry reading your blog! :) xxx

posted on December 21st 2003 at 1:03PM CDT

They look delicious! I absolutely adore pineapples. And the glaze just makes them that much more appealing. Let us know how they go over, although I’d eat them, regardless. Mmm.

Angel Whispers
posted on December 21st 2003 at 12:15PM CDT

Welcome back, Sarah.  Glad you had a good time.  Your cookies look yummy, but I have to say I never met a person who doesn’t eat cookies!  What manner of life are you?  haha

posted on December 21st 2003 at 1:44PM CDT

Hmmmm those cookies look delicious! :) I wanna eat them *chump* :D awesome layout by the way! :)

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