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wow! that is gorgeous!!

Reply to Julia

Thank you Julia!

Those photos are amazing. Extremely beautiful. I meant to take photos of my flowers this week and that reminded me I forgot!

Thank you! I wish we had a better yard, most likely this Autumn / next Spring project, so we just have a membership to the Chicago Botanic Garden to get my fix lol.


So pretty! (love the birds in the comment box, too!)

Reply to Amy

Thank you! I really want to get teeny birds like my comment box as my next tattoo.

Love that first one. So beautiful! Happy WW!

Thank you! I love it too, the way the afternoon sun is hitting it.


Beautiful blooms and my favorite color is pink so it makes me love them more! Happy WW!

Reply to Savvy

Aww thank you so much!

Sweet and wonderful colours. Thanks for sharing and a happy WW!

Thank you Geni!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Love! Those pinks are soul-gladdening.

Reply to Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Thanks Lauren!

Stunning pictures, I love these detailed shots of flowers.

( and

Thank you!

beautiful, I love close ups up flowers. so pink is right! :)
thanks for linky too.

Hali from

Thank you!!

Love your gorgeous pink flowers! Following from Wordless Wednesday. Stop on by –

Thank you so much Jody!

that first one…so close, so clear!
and what a color.

Thank you! I think I’m going to print that one out because I just love the light in it.


I bet they smell heavenly!

Reply to TennesseeMom

They surprisingly had a light scent, I always find the deeper colored roses to have a much stronger perfume to them.

That first shot has such cool texture — beautiful!!

Thank you Jo!

I love pink. And I love it even more after seeing this photo. You are very talented.

Aww thank you so much! I love pink too!

love love love :)

LOL thank you so much!!


Really, super gorgeous. God, I wish I had a better camera. But I think I’d also need to be a photoshop genius too, and I don’t have time/money/energy to get into all of that. But I would LOVE some better pictures of my kids!

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

Thank you!! Really ANY camera with manual settings would work, that’s how you can really control the light and focus.

It’s funny, I took WAY more photos of Danny when I was in my point and shoot days, now I am so hypercritical of my photos that I don’t take as many of the boys.


So pretty, I love your photography :)

Reply to Damita

Aww thank you! I need to make prints since I bought a ton of frames but it’s hard to narrow down the choices heh.


That is just Beautiful! I love your blog. Just love it.
Happy belated WW!!!


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Kathryn Kelton

Lovely! Kathryn

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