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And Miles To Go....

beautiful–love the cone flowers the best!

Reply to And Miles To Go....

Thank you! I love cone flowers too!

Simply naturally beautiful

Aww thank you!

Beautiful, as always. I love the water droplets on the clover (I think it’s a clover) especially!

Thank you!! Yep it’s a clover, I loved the way the morning sun was hitting it JUST so it looked like glitter all over it lol.

Holly of So Chic Decor

Very beautiful! Fabulous photos!

Reply to Holly of So Chic Decor

Yay! Thank you Holly!


As my garden is simply mud and a few weeds and broken bircks right now, I am very jealous of such life and colour!

Happy WW!

Reply to amandab

Oh you should see our tomato plant. It is MASSIVE and already has a ton of green tomatoes growing, I am thrilled!

Absolutely stunning set of macros. Excellent work.
Happy WW.

Thank you so much!!

They are so pretty i really like the bright pink leave it to nature to come up with the loviliest of clours.

Thank you! I couldn’t agree more!

Super awesome photos, Sarah! My favorite photo is the last one. You rock!
Come on over and link up when you get a chance. See you soon! Have a great day Sarah.

Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

Thank you so much Kristi! I am going to head over and link up right now!

Pretty pictures and theme!

Thank you so much Carrie!!

What gorgeous photos! I’m just starting out and have a long way to go.

Stopping by from SITS.

Thank you so very much!


These are beautiful!

Reply to Penny

Thank you Penny!

What a gorgeous shot that first one is! Breathtaking. Do you edit, or did it come out of the camera that way?

Thank you! I don’t know what you mean by edit? I shoot solely in RAW so I have to post-process them.

I guess that’s what I was asking–whether the colors came out this vivid or whether you have to monkey with them. (We are camera hunting, so this is a burning question of mine. :) )

OH I misunderstood then! See, I HAVE to post-process my photos, when I think of “edits” it’s more so of CHANGING a photo from it’s original state to something like… a photo manipulation.

I LOVE Nikon. I’ve had Nikon DSLR’s since 2006 or so!


you already know how I feel about your water droplet photos… :)

Reply to liz

LOL I thought of you when I posted them!


Beautiful photos!

Reply to Courtney

Thank you Courtney!

Love your photography! It’s a gift. Those water droplets are amazing. Thanks so much for stopping by for WW!

Thank you so very much Alicia!!


Wonderful bokeh on the first and third shots! So pretty!

Reply to Lynda

Thank you! Those are my favorites!

Your pictures are always so great. I love the top shot of the cone flower the best.

Yay thank you!

Lisa C

So pretty! What vibrant pinks and greens!

Reply to Lisa C

Thank you Lisa!!


So beautiful!! That second one’s my favorite…

Reply to Natalie

Yay thank you Natalie!

Beautiful, as always! You’re very good at making colors really stand out vibrantly. I’m sure you knew that. ;)

LOL thank you so much!


Those are some stunning photos! Hands down so far the best I have seen for WW.

Reply to paige

Omg you are too kind, thank you!!


I love the 3rd picture. And the redesign looks great. Have a happy day!

Reply to Amy

Thank you so much Amy!!


OMG girl, your photography skills are to die for! Love all the pictures but the first one is so fantastic, I love the bokeh!

Reply to Maureen

Awww thank you! Oh yes, I am a huge fan of bokeh lol.


Such beautiful colors..

Reply to Kristen

Thank you Kristen!


Amazing photos!

Reply to Damita

Thank you Damita!!

Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Oh, I love coming over here, because I always know I will see something that takes my breath away. Today it’s the texture on the clover. Thank you so much for sharing! I love them all.

Do you sell your photos? Maybe you already do; I was just wondering if it’s something you can do or already do professionally.

Reply to Lauren @ Hobo Mama

Aww thank you so much Lauren!! I’ve never sold a photo before, I CAN do it, I make 8×11 prints for myself all the time lol, but I’ve never DONE it, if that makes sense?

Nina Amelia

I love your photography posts. The rose is absolutely stunning. The tones are great. I added it as a favorite on Flickr

Reply to Nina Amelia

Thank you so very much Nina!!

Words cannot describe how beautiful your pictures are!


This is my favorite of my blog posts this week!

Thank you so very much Kristina!!

Just found your blog via momdot and it’s beautiful!!!

Thank you so very much Kasandria!

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