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May 22nd 2010 / 4 minutes to read


As some of you know, I’ve been battling the cold from hell lately. I’m still not any better.

Well let me rephrase that, my MIND is more clear yet my body is still falling apart. Thankfully Keith has been taking care of EVERYTHING so that all I have to do is lay in bed and breastfeed Tristan whenever he’s hungry.

So I figure I will do a basic catching up post for the time being. I know I’ve missed out on over 300 blog posts from everyone so if you’ve blogged recently and really want me to take a look, share the URL please!

Around Osn

I completely redid the forum including the theme and the backend script. I switched from BBPress to SMF. If you were a previous member of the forum (previously named Nocturnal) you are moved over however due to the new script and such, you may need to reset your password. I am open to any suggestions on how to improve the [forum] and would appreciate new members, activity, and such!

I also posted on the forum about how to fix an issue for those using a Thesis 1.7 framework for WordPress. Granted I personally don’t use it but since a friend of mine, Liz, was having issues with her comment fields not populating from the commenter cookie, I had to fix it! So check out Fix AutoFill Comments in Thesis 1.7 for the solution!

My best friend Mary set up a Facebook Fan Page for my photography! It was SUCH a shock and an awesome surprise for me! I would have never done it for myself.

With the redesign, I brought back the 3-column footer and added an area for random blog buttons for those I already link to. If you would like your button displayed, just let me know.

Remember that I also have a section, Question & Answer, where you may ask me anything, even anonymously!

The Garden

The strawberries are starting to ripen and I have a wee tiny tomato growing so far. The basil is almost all dead so I need to get some new plants, maybe keep them indoors in the kitchen. My cilantro is crazy awesome. I cut it down almost to the base when I need it for dinner and within 2-4 days it’s like I never touched it!

With the basil, we think the issue may have been TOO much water as there was a part of the gutter (that Keith fixed) that was right over the basil section and with all the rain lately, I wouldn’t be surprised.

In my area, we’re having an issue with what appears to be flying soybean aphids. I don’t see them doing any damage to my garden however there is a LOT of them flying around and it’s just irritating. Makes being outdoors an unhappy experience. If anyone has any suggestions on how to tame them, lessen their numbers, or make them go away completely, I would appreciate it.





The Family

Daniel is doing fabulous lately. He and Keith go bike riding frequently together for what Danny calls “Daddy Time”. I know Keith is on the lookout for a bike rack for the car so he and Daniel can go riding at the forest preserve instead of just around the neighborhood area. Hard to figure out what will work for the vehicle (Scion xA) and what is affordable.

Tristan got his two top teeth with more on the horizon! He also is hardcore crawling now. His new love are lightsabers. Thankfully his big brother has a ton of them and doesn’t mind sharing!

Here are all the recent photos from my iPhone!

Tristan enjoying my homemade chicken and noodle soup. Yay for baby led eating!
Tristan hardcore crawling towards the lightsaber.
Keith and Daniel playing Mouse Trap while eating my homemade oatmeal raisin cookies with milk.
Tristan reaching out to his big brother for playtime!
Kisses, glorious kisses!
AH the kisses! Brothers are AWESOME!

Everything Else

I think it’s about it really. I am trying to have high hopes that I start to get better so I can be productive again. I have so many unanswered emails right now and this is the first day really that I have enough mental capacity to form a post!

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I hope you feel better soon. I understand how overwhelming life can feel when you are down and out. Unless of course you have a gem of a husband, which you just might. Love the postcard for comments. Cute!! Take care.


I am finally feeling a bit better today, thankfully!

Oh my boyfriend is just amazing! I don’t know how I got so lucky!

Aw thank you!


I hope you feel better soon, Sarah. Your garden is looking lovely! Lots of cool stuff going on around OSN, even when you’re sick though!

Reply to Lynda

Feeling better today! Even dyed my hair!

Oh yes, some of the strawberries are RED, so awesome!!


Get better soon! <3 Love all the photos (as usual) and it's always a pleasure to see the squish! It's nice that Keith and Danny are getting out and getting exercise :) I've become very fond of my bike. And its good that you get to get some rest while ill. I hate having to still do things when I'm sick and my body just wants time to recuperate.

Reply to Keeshia

Thank you so much! Oh yes, funny enough they both have orange bikes too, so they match!

Oh gosh, I was a single momma with Daniel for 6 YEARS and went through the flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia and trust me that is NO fun having to work full time and be a full time momma WHILE super sick with no help!

So glad I have an awesome boyfriend that lets me recuperate!


Hi, visiting from SITS. What a wonderful blog you have going here. I love the beautiful photos. Hope you feel better soon. I can certainly remember what it was like nursing my babies when I was sick – mommy can’t take any sick days, but I have a wonderful supportive hubby who’s always been there to help. Take care – peace. :)

Reply to Michelle

Thank you! I am finally feeling around 95% better, still a bit weak and such.

Oh yes, I am so glad I have a supportive partner this time around!


first, I have to say YAY for bloggy friends helping bloggy friends. Seriously. I’m still so grateful. That has made SUCH a difference!

Second, I’m glad you have joined back into reality as your recover from being sick.

Third, do you pour water on those plants?? I can’t believe the shots you are getting!!

last, I’m digging the sibling love. :)

Reply to liz

OMG right, I don’t think I would have SURVIVED without my bloggy friends!!

Oh yes, it’s slow going but I am so glad to be feeling better!

For my droplet shots I just go and shoot after it rains otherwise it doesn’t look as natural to me!


I’m trying to grow some Basil & Tomatoes, myself. I got a little kit from the dollar section at Target, I’m not going to lie about it, but since I just moved into a new house, I don’t have a whole lot to work with. xD I hope they turn out alright. I would love to use fresh stuff when I cook, as opposed to store bought non-sense. I will try not to over water my Basil. ;D

I hope you feel better!

I want an iPhone just so I can use that app that makes pictures look like that. lol /trade-in blackberry

Reply to Panduh

LOL in my kitchen I have Target $1 basil seeds growing, I planted ALL of them in a SMALL jar so I have a ton of seedlings going and no way of getting them out of the glass jar lol.

OH I didn’t use any fancy app for the iPhone photos this time around! It’s insane how many photo apps I DO have though lol.

Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

Feel better mama!!
I am so jealous of your strawberries. My garden is not doing well this year :( I just hope that my warm weather crops do better than my spring ones have. (sigh)

Reply to Dionna @ Code Name: Mama

How is your garden behaving? My basil all died which is SO weird and one pepper plant all but disappeared.

I am just thankful we have a lot of local farmers markets around lol.

Gorgeous photos! How do you get them to look so sharp on wordpress? Every time i post some they blur up :(


I would bet it’s because she’s hosting them on Flickr. If you upload our photos in WordPress, their image resizer automatically compresses your photo, which could distort its sharpness and overall quality.

Reply to Lynda

The garden photos are through flickr and the iPhone photos are uploaded through wordpress. I specify a width to work with my design which is 500px. Aside from that I don’t do anything too fancy I believe!

I’m glad you’re on the mend and feeling better. It’s great to see you back in the blogospere. I missed your posts. The garden looks like it’s coming along well and the boys are just too sweet. :)
Welcome back, Sarah. Have a great night.

Thank you! Oh yes, the boys L O V E each other, it’s the best EVER!


I hope you feel better soon hun :) Wow your garden with the fruit/veg growing looks amazing!

Reply to Damita

Thank you so much Damita!

life with kaishon

The garden looks SO pretty. What a fantastic picture of unripened strawberries! And the pictures of your boys. So sweet! Heart meltingly so!

Reply to life with kaishon

Thank you! Already the berries are ripening, we even got to eat a couple of them last night, so tasty!

Aww, my boys are awesome for sure!!

A belated but no less sincere and heartfelt ‘Thank you!’ for stopping by my home renovation and design blog on my SITS featured day! I appreciate it!

Those strawberry pictures are AMAZING and should be framed and up on someones wall!

You are so very welcome!

Thank you so much!


Hope you are feeling much better today, Sarah. Being sicks really sucks esp when we have little ones. I love your blog and the design. Had already sign up on your forum just haven’t had a chance to post anything. I’m using Thesis 1.7 and I’ll have to check out post ASAP hahaha.
The pictures are soooo good. I love every single one of them :D

Reply to Maureen

Thank you!

Oh yes, with the exception of the weather I am feeling much better thankfully!

Oh yes, if you ever need help with Thesis let me know!


Your pictures are SO DOPE! I LOVE the close-up ones you take. Man, I long for your camera. I’ve been wanting to post some scrumptious recipes I’ve come up with lately, but they really call for nice photos, which I don’t have the ability to take.

I keep picturing my birth through the lens of your dope camera and I cannot wait for that day!

and also? Seriously dope new comment box. You’re all kinds of talented.

I really hope you’re feeling better. Being sick sucks.

Reply to TheFeministBreeder

Thank you! I love my macro lens, I am so glad I went with the 105mm instead of the 60mm.

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