February 23rd 2002 / 2 minutes to read

Lately, I have been thinking. What am I doing with my life? What am I offering to the world? Or even to MY little world? I suppose I am slightly introspective tonight. No clue why.
Matt has done a ton of cleaning to the apartment in an effort to let me agree to him playing basketball on Tuesday night. He plans on finishing the cleaning tomorrow which, thankfully, is his night off.
I hope my forums get more users, especially users who post. Yeah, that would be nice.
I asked my friend Amber if she wanted me to host her blog, I honestly feel she gets better and better with each of her layouts. Plus she cracks me up like no other! I hope she agrees to it.
I will be deleting a few of the cliques I have joined due to them not updating my information on their member lists. I have given a few days notice and with the use of OE, it says they have read the emails. No worries though. My clique is starting to do well. Makes me happy. Even though I notice some people who submit do not follow ANY of the rules, but that is easy, I simply do not accept them.
Well enough babbling for now! I might blog more later on tonight.

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