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Right now Daniel is sleeping on Matt in the recliner, curling and uncurling his toes. I make cute babies!

I kinda want to make a new layout for this blog, I like the set up but the colors are slightly depressing, any suggestions? Heck any suggestions for OSN in general?

Last night I had a wonderful conversasion about parenting and what not with Bekki, and thinking about the discussion about NAK, I am now sprouting a couple leaks heh, so stop by and give some love!

People really seem to enjoy the current OSN layout, I am surprised by that as it was so simple to do for the most part, but ohh fancy different colors on each page! I am a trend setter I know hahaha.

Kristine has been trying to help me set up that PHP script, I think the script just hates me but I would really like a PHP script to show my last few referrers. Perhaps someone knows of a different script? I am a newbie to PHP, so please let it be simple to use and install. 

Any ideas on how to get more people to join the forums? It seems to be lacking lately in activity, I want a nice small bustling crowd over there. hehe I said “bustling” aren’t I the special one.

I am totally babbling because I have this huge urge to blog, but not much to say! I am surprised no one commented on the fact I actually put a semi picture of Daniel up. I mean sure it’s just his adorable two month old chubby arm, but still, considering how against showing his pictures online I am.

Hmm chub-moto seems to be waking up, and Matt keeps going “I think he’s like…hungry” so time for the leakyness to have a purpose!

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