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I woke up like 5am… then again we went to bed around 10:30pm heh.

I am still floaty due to the comments about my picture! I should be a porn star now!!

I am still waiting on some hostees to reply to the email I sent out the other day… so ya hostlets check your OSN mail!

Yeah well.. yesterday Matt IMed me… the first part of the convo was about our son, I included a big chunk of that so you can see where the ahem major thing happened. So yeah. I am a whirlwind of emotions right now. I don’t know how I feel about this. Very confusing. I just don’t want my emotions, heart, and mind fucked with.

OneStarryMom: right now for pants 18 month shirt 12/18 month
whoneedsdaworld: im looking at the old navy site i have debit card
OneStarryMom: fun
whoneedsdaworld: okes 12/18 then shirts coolies
whoneedsdaworld: yeppers
OneStarryMom: heh, it would be sorta amusing if you ended up getting him the same clothes I got him
whoneedsdaworld: they have cute cargo shorts for 10
whoneedsdaworld: no i hope not
OneStarryMom: hahahah he has the cutest little voice! he is all peppy right now keeps trying to get ali to chase him
whoneedsdaworld: not ttrying to be mean just would be a pain for ya
whoneedsdaworld: haha how cute
OneStarryMom: he keeps blowing raspberries at me! funny baby
OneStarryMom: whats a pain?
whoneedsdaworld: they have surf shortsd haha
OneStarryMom: about the clothes?
OneStarryMom: clothes are good for him
whoneedsdaworld: to have the same clothes send by me to return one of them ya know
OneStarryMom: never can have too many chub clothes
whoneedsdaworld: yeppers this is true
OneStarryMom: naaa doubles would be fine, especially if its cute
OneStarryMom: yay i got approved for two more fanlistings
whoneedsdaworld: coolies i just got a job haha i just got called
OneStarryMom: good times, does this mean child support then?
whoneedsdaworld: guess where its funny
OneStarryMom: porn shop?
whoneedsdaworld: please
whoneedsdaworld: babies
OneStarryMom: ohhhh the “let us not love our children and keep them in cages” store
whoneedsdaworld: haha hey it works pays i guess
whoneedsdaworld: i will send $ when i get payed k
OneStarryMom: that would be nice
whoneedsdaworld: im happy now just hope car gets me there n back till i can get my mom to get another one
whoneedsdaworld: yeah
whoneedsdaworld: well im gonnsa go
OneStarryMom: okay
whoneedsdaworld: sorry i cant be on here much longer pluss that was my mom that called here for me she wants me to get back i guess you know how she gets sorry
whoneedsdaworld: i guess i will talk sometime with ya sorry if you hate me n all
OneStarryMom: its fine, do you plan on calling soon? i ask because chubs likes “talking”
OneStarryMom: i don’t hate you, which i have repeated millions of times
whoneedsdaworld: um yeah i want to talk to him
OneStarryMom: hate would bring forth bad vibes
OneStarryMom: so can you tell me WHEN you plan on calling so i can like prepare him?
whoneedsdaworld: yeah i will but it wont be till laters i have to have shaun take me home hes been freaky today for some reason i dont pussh i just wait to go
OneStarryMom: later today or later in general
whoneedsdaworld: today k
OneStarryMom: i just want to get him perky it would suck to call and have him sobbing or something
OneStarryMom: okay thats fine
whoneedsdaworld: okes byes
OneStarryMom: bye matt
whoneedsdaworld: i miss you love you still byes
OneStarryMom: what???
OneStarryMom: was that to ME?
whoneedsdaworld: yes
whoneedsdaworld: just dont forget me still miss tyou alot all the time just cant make it all right for you not fair to you
OneStarryMom: and this isn’t like a head game???
whoneedsdaworld: no
OneStarryMom: like you actually miss me, you actually LOVE me???
whoneedsdaworld: i do
OneStarryMom: as in seriously?
whoneedsdaworld: yeah seriously
OneStarryMom: when did u realise this?
whoneedsdaworld: ive known for long time just never tell you
whoneedsdaworld: i shouldnt have told ya im sorry
OneStarryMom: no honest is good
whoneedsdaworld: :)
OneStarryMom: hum well this is a shocker to me hahaha
whoneedsdaworld: im sorry
OneStarryMom: no don’t be sorry
OneStarryMom: why sorry
whoneedsdaworld: because everything is messed up beyond
OneStarryMom: yeah well stuff gets messed up, i mean look at ali and jess… jess did the same thing but they are totally better now
OneStarryMom: well they don’t have a kid ahhaha but still
whoneedsdaworld: yeah well i dont know what you even would like to do even if ya wanna talk to me anymore
OneStarryMom: of course i want to talk to you! you were like my best friend for FOUR years
whoneedsdaworld: i know sniffles
OneStarryMom: well gee ahahhahahahahaha what are you wanting from me? i mean OTHER than nakedness ahhahaha
OneStarryMom: is my laughing bad? or are you typing something, or hmmm i should not have drank that coke today
whoneedsdaworld: no just looking at old navy baby clothing
whoneedsdaworld: sorry
OneStarryMom: so well… what would you like to talk about… feelings… clothes…. my coke habit
whoneedsdaworld: feelings i am ok with that
OneStarryMom: hahaha okay well ummm which feelings
whoneedsdaworld: i dont know what you wish would happen
OneStarryMom: what i wish? well my son and his father to be with me and raise him like… normally ahhahaa which kinda means having his father around or so im told heh
whoneedsdaworld: well how do i do that i am poor remember you cant trust me your family hates me i dont know what i should do
OneStarryMom: what do you WANT, just be completely honest with me, what you are thinking you want to do
whoneedsdaworld: i want to be with chubs more than anything and with you i love you
whoneedsdaworld: i was stupid i realized it before i left just was fed up with fighting not a good excuse i know
OneStarryMom: what are your intentions? like how do YOU think you could put us all back together?
whoneedsdaworld: i dont know i guess work save up and talk to you at the same time more and work on just us i dont know what else i can say
OneStarryMom: how do you plan to rebuild my trust? and work on us? and let chubs know you are there for him?
whoneedsdaworld: i dont know i can talk to you more send him things he needs i dont know what i can do im sorry i wish i had answers for this whole thing
OneStarryMom: we can talk fine, no problem, but it needs be on a regular basis, and you need to just work on rebuilding my trust… do you want us to be umm like “US” again?
whoneedsdaworld: us yeah very much so i love you alot only one i have ever loved
whoneedsdaworld: can you take a web pic of you for me i miss ya i dont have any pics of you just chubs
OneStarryMom: when did you realise this? it’s a little slow telling me NOW, you are going to have to convince me you are trust worthy, IE regular phone calls, emails, whatever else you can think of, in other words woo me, I am a lot different, I plan on working, although it would be easier with you to watch him ahhaha i mean only like 20 hours a week plus my tech support which is $40 a month, oh geez i look like crap today all dark circles and the webcam pics suck SO bad
whoneedsdaworld: just do it for me please u have pics of me
OneStarryMom: yes I do but right now I am just… not in the mood to do a crappy pic of me heh, i will try to do one later and email it if anything decent appears
whoneedsdaworld: yeah i will talk to you more regualr basis but that might be a problem my mom has a huge phone bill so just give me like a couple days to the 3rd i can try to get a the cell i can talk lots at night then
whoneedsdaworld: k
whoneedsdaworld: okes im holding you to that then so there
OneStarryMom: thats fine, i would really appreciate like $60 for my phone bill though since i still have to pay that but i have no money in paypal for it right now
*** whoneedsdaworld signed off at Sat May 31 19:28:21 2003.
*** whoneedsdaworld signed on at Sat May 31 19:30:17 2003.
whoneedsdaworld: sorry got the waol pop up
OneStarryMom: hahaha i figured
whoneedsdaworld: :)
whoneedsdaworld: i didnt get last im
whoneedsdaworld: before i got booted
OneStarryMom: i asked if you could send 60 to MY phone bill or whatever you could, i would do it myself but i spent the last of my paypal money
OneStarryMom: im still paying for calls from april to you ahhaha
whoneedsdaworld: i can ask my mom im sure i can but it wont be till the 3rd ya know the drill
whoneedsdaworld: im sorry i toldf you i wasnt worth talking to
OneStarryMom: i know, my phone bill shouldn’t be here until the 7th i think
OneStarryMom: uh why?
whoneedsdaworld: my moms bills is hella high to
OneStarryMom: how come?
whoneedsdaworld: okes
whoneedsdaworld: cause of things she had added to her line and she got a phone through them they charged her full price she thought it was per month till paid off it wasnt
OneStarryMom: ohhhhhhh evil phone company
whoneedsdaworld: i know
OneStarryMom: well gee ahahahha my phone is charging, chubs hid it in the drawer so it died ahahhaha
whoneedsdaworld: hahahahaha go chubs
OneStarryMom: i was freaking out cause i could hear the dead dial tone
whoneedsdaworld: poor phone
OneStarryMom: but could not find the phone finally he was like laughing at me so i opened the drawer and there it was
OneStarryMom: hes playing with alis phone now
whoneedsdaworld: go chubs
whoneedsdaworld: does he miss me at all?
OneStarryMom: ugh i need to call tomorrow for eyes so i can get ali and myself in on monday and i think so….. sometimes when its really dark in here at night.. he and i will be in the bed…. and he will kinda lean on me, look up and start doing da-da-da-da
whoneedsdaworld: i would like to see him but i cant afford to visit just alot of $
whoneedsdaworld: wow thats weird i hope he deosnt think shadows are da da da ‘s
OneStarryMom: well yeah and right now isn’t a good time just in general, im trying to figure things out with the DMV’s and its stressing me, but perhaps when I do the road trip july-oct hopefully maybe we could plan something for a day visit? depending on how everything goes
OneStarryMom: i don’t think so…. its cute but creepy cause he gets ALL happy so i don’t know if he is remebering something or what
whoneedsdaworld: that would be nice
whoneedsdaworld: maybe he is remembering
OneStarryMom: ahhaha would you cry to see him walk?
OneStarryMom: or prance about as he does
whoneedsdaworld: i would love to see him walking
whoneedsdaworld: i would take him out
whoneedsdaworld: go to a park or something watch him frolic around
OneStarryMom: he does frolic too!!!!
whoneedsdaworld: would be nice to do that someday perhaps i guess
whoneedsdaworld: thats the chubs for ya :)
whoneedsdaworld: well hun i have to get off of here soon im sorry but its not my comp but if you like i will pay my fines at the library and try to get on more to least write you or talk if your on k
OneStarryMom: im still ummm shocked? stunned? startled? a lot of “S” words right now about all of this, and very very very paranoid
OneStarryMom: well are you calling tonight for him or not? so i can guesstimate when I should try to get him to sleep later on
whoneedsdaworld: i probably wont be able to tonight tom i wil lafternoon k i promise byes

then from this morning

Session Start (AIM – OneStarryMom:whoneedsdaworld): Sun Jun 01 06:47:27 2003
whoneedsdaworld: hi
*** Auto-response sent to whoneedsdaworld: (Link: https://onestarrynight.com
I can see you IMing if it is really important, I will respond!Chasing my son around, so email me at webmistress@onestarrynight.com
OneStarryMom: sup
OneStarryMom: i was in the living room with the wee one
whoneedsdaworld: thats cool how is he
OneStarryMom: about to bitch smack me
whoneedsdaworld: go chubs
OneStarryMom: so whats up?
whoneedsdaworld: i couldnt sleep so i thought i would jump online
whoneedsdaworld: have to be slow typer dont want to wake anyone
OneStarryMom: we got up at like 5
whoneedsdaworld: :)
whoneedsdaworld: early for ya
OneStarryMom: ehhh not lately, my sleeping is very off, i get crack headish dreams
whoneedsdaworld: okes like my fream the ohter night when chubs was talking to me
OneStarryMom: so many hours until the rental office opens! well no mine are more… crack headish… hahahah either super kinky or just like what the hell is my subconcious trying to tell me
whoneedsdaworld: why do you have to wait fo rental office to open up?
whoneedsdaworld: okes kinky dreams dont have those haha
OneStarryMom: because i have a package waiting for me, the mail guys came SO late yesterday that the office was already closed
whoneedsdaworld: bummers cool u have a package
OneStarryMom: yeah i am highly sexed individual or so i am told, which means a lot of pervy dreams
OneStarryMom: its from keli, she sent some chub clothes and a video for me
whoneedsdaworld: i never noticed the highly sex part of ya sorry
whoneedsdaworld: how nice
OneStarryMom: yeah well you weren’t around to notice it were you…. then over the next few days i should be getting the last 3 ebay packages
whoneedsdaworld: sounds like presents for ya haha
OneStarryMom: i LOVE real mail
whoneedsdaworld: yeah i guess i wasnt around much sorry
OneStarryMom: indeed
whoneedsdaworld: i know you always have like real mail
OneStarryMom: oh and i DID take a couple crappy pics of myself
OneStarryMom: Steve said : rest assured you are pretty

Jeanie said: you?re absolutely fucking gorgeous. wow! see, now you have to come to md. . . so i can attempt to turn you gay :-D or at the very least, bi

Corin said: awwwwww you so pretty :)

Keli said: oh you look great

Elisa said: you look like SUCH a sweet person, and your cute, and im not just saying that

Kristin said: I always pictured you as a blonde! Yay for brunettes. :) You?re very photogenic!

Kevin said: very stunning indeed

Morgan said: you are so pretty!

whoneedsdaworld: i watched a freaky movie tonight kinda got me freaked
OneStarryMom: you and the scary porn
whoneedsdaworld: um i didnt watch scary porn
OneStarryMom: denial!
whoneedsdaworld: i wathed the movie that made the ring ringu
OneStarryMom: funnnn
whoneedsdaworld: let me tell ya i was like ohhh shit hell no
whoneedsdaworld: trips me out at the end in both of the movies
whoneedsdaworld: i heard there from a book never gonna read it
OneStarryMom: hahahahah thats sad
whoneedsdaworld: i guess
OneStarryMom: brb gotta email the pics to barb
whoneedsdaworld: k
OneStarryMom: she said
OneStarryMom: Gorgeous … you are gorgeous
whoneedsdaworld: thats coolies
OneStarryMom: im pretty, cute, kevin said i am very stunning ahhaha, jeanie and barb say gorgeous, steve said pretty, so maybe the pics aren’t as bad as i thought
OneStarryMom: i mean they aren’t like boob shots or anything
whoneedsdaworld: okes haha
whoneedsdaworld: well im glad your getting good comments
OneStarryMom: hahahaha i would not have even done pics if you didn’t ask me to
OneStarryMom: i like to be behind the camera
whoneedsdaworld: i know ya do
OneStarryMom: purrr yeppers!
whoneedsdaworld: as i like to be infront
OneStarryMom: ahahahahhahaha pervy!
whoneedsdaworld: um okes
OneStarryMom: im peppy
whoneedsdaworld: naw couldnt tell
OneStarryMom: sarah? peppy? ahhahah yeah thats right
whoneedsdaworld: goofball thats what u r
OneStarryMom: im kick ass!
OneStarryMom: i rock!
OneStarryMom: and i have dimples!
whoneedsdaworld: glad you know ya do hun
whoneedsdaworld: good thing
whoneedsdaworld: i have them to welcome to the club
whoneedsdaworld: now go for blonde hair hahah
OneStarryMom: shudder ahhahahhhah, i like my hair too much
OneStarryMom: besides chubs has enough blonde
whoneedsdaworld: and all you have to work on after that is valley girl accent
whoneedsdaworld: yeah go chubs
OneStarryMom: ahahhahahahaha yeah then my life would be complete
whoneedsdaworld: im more valley than u hun
OneStarryMom: yes you are but i don’t blame you for it ahahahahaha
whoneedsdaworld: haha G thanks
whoneedsdaworld: everyone thinks im so shallow after i moved back here
whoneedsdaworld: its sad i dont really talk to anyone anymore i think there all lil wussy bitches
OneStarryMom: isn’t that nice to say
whoneedsdaworld: its how i feel why hold back
OneStarryMom: because it isn’t right since these people are helping you out
whoneedsdaworld: i got in a fight with keith charles a lil while back havent talked to him since bitch tried to talk shit to me
whoneedsdaworld: i told him to play me 2 on 1 cause jasons friend got hurt when we were playing 2 on 2 he wouldnt play so i said what r u affraid of his woman started talking shit to me
whoneedsdaworld: i said until you lose like 100 pounds dont comment on something you cant do
whoneedsdaworld: i dont hold anythingt back now just say what comes to my mind its kinda fun in a sad way it can be bad
whoneedsdaworld: i told katie off
whoneedsdaworld: she was like speechless which as we all know is a first im sure
whoneedsdaworld: perhaps i took some of your balls when i left hun sorry
OneStarryMom: what did you tell her off about? and yeah no i have plenty of ahem balls
OneStarryMom: webcam32Thumb
OneStarryMom: chubs, make sure to clear you cache or whatever to make sure you get the most recent pic of him
OneStarryMom: i had to upload my pics since theres 3 of them, hahaha my friend kristin always thought i would be blonde ahhahaa
OneStarryMom: thats so bad haha
whoneedsdaworld: she said something like i wasnt doing what i am supossed to like being a dad like i just didnt give a shit about anything at all i saif at least i tried to do what i ccould when i was there i didnt go out leave my kid so i could go out clubbing n drinking that isnt parenting to me
OneStarryMom: she does that? around her baby?
whoneedsdaworld: the trapt cd is soooo good
OneStarryMom: ok….
whoneedsdaworld: and u know i dont like that kinda music
whoneedsdaworld: no she goes out
OneStarryMom: and how did that come about convo wise
OneStarryMom: who watches her baby?
whoneedsdaworld: but from what iheard n seen she is always out
whoneedsdaworld: her mom when she was in town
whoneedsdaworld: in columbus matts mom
whoneedsdaworld: and matts mom said she thought katie was a loser wished her son didnt marry her
OneStarryMom: i just…. don’t agree with that, but then again i parent a lot differently
OneStarryMom: wow
whoneedsdaworld: said she thought katie was lazy judy told me
whoneedsdaworld: i was like damn

OneStarryMom: wow again, i don’t know, people shouldn’t have kids if they aren’t there for them 100%, i mean kids today are so messed up, i don’t want chubs messed up
OneStarryMom: did you see his picture?
OneStarryMom: its from just now
whoneedsdaworld: yeah good pic of him
OneStarryMom: thats what you say about your son? “yeah good pic of him”
whoneedsdaworld: well i dont know what u want me to say just happy get to see a pic makes me happy sorry :)
OneStarryMom: okay then SAY that instead of “good pic” say thank you i get happy seeing pictures of my son
OneStarryMom: what is with you and the whole telling me what you are thinking issue?
whoneedsdaworld: im not one for saying things like that u jnow this
whoneedsdaworld: um i never tell you what i feel goobs
whoneedsdaworld: so how come everyone gets to see pics of you i still havent seen any?
OneStarryMom: um cause im paranoid of what you will say pretty much
whoneedsdaworld: i didnt know i was that mean
OneStarryMom: i mean especially with everything you said yesterday so i am a bit…. tweaked
whoneedsdaworld: yesterday is still today for me haha
whoneedsdaworld: i meant what i said sorry u didnt want to hear it
OneStarryMom: it isn’t that i didn’t want to hear it… just… i don’t know if you even are telling the truth
OneStarryMom: pics
whoneedsdaworld: old navy has lots of baby clothes on sale cute to faded blue ringer t-shirt so cute
OneStarryMom: oh i know, im going to try to drag my dad there so we can get more chub clothing
whoneedsdaworld: cool good for chubs
whoneedsdaworld: is your dad still off from working?
OneStarryMom: yeppers
whoneedsdaworld: is he looking or like whatever happens kinda thing
OneStarryMom: hes looking
whoneedsdaworld: u look different
OneStarryMom: uh how so??
whoneedsdaworld: younger
OneStarryMom: ahahahahahhahahahaha
OneStarryMom: im only 21!!
OneStarryMom: and is that a bad or good thing ahahahahahahhahahahaha
whoneedsdaworld: kinda like wqhen u first sent me pics weird
OneStarryMom: aaaaaaaahahahhaha
whoneedsdaworld: neither just new i guess not bad at all
OneStarryMom: does this mean i get to meet you and then in 2 years have another baby ahahahahahahahhahahahaa
OneStarryMom: yeah im dead sexxy n all
whoneedsdaworld: um 2 years haha u wish
whoneedsdaworld: u couldnt handle another
OneStarryMom: hahahahahahahaha well i plan on birthing something before chubs is 5
OneStarryMom: oh puhlease, kids are awesome
whoneedsdaworld: i didnt say i couldnt i said you couldnt
OneStarryMom: i want at least 4 kids
OneStarryMom: i CAN and i WILL, im a momma, i birth
whoneedsdaworld: i would be ancient if they came out every 2
OneStarryMom: ahhahahahahahhaa
OneStarryMom: well i want another one soon, i don’t want chubs to be super older than his next sibling
whoneedsdaworld: chubs would be 8 when we had the last scary
OneStarryMom: which isnt SO bad
OneStarryMom: or at least keep going until i have a girl
whoneedsdaworld: i guess still hard very hard
whoneedsdaworld: our luck 10 kinds
OneStarryMom: AHAHAHAHAHAH whats hard???
OneStarryMom: kinky
whoneedsdaworld: on the 10th let it be girl u so know that
OneStarryMom: yeah huh
OneStarryMom: hahahahahahahhaa
OneStarryMom: have a basketball team!
whoneedsdaworld: doc are like you can stop now haha
whoneedsdaworld: or soccer teams
whoneedsdaworld: haha
OneStarryMom: ahhahahahahahahahahaha
OneStarryMom: good times good times
whoneedsdaworld: i miss you so much just missing you makes me hurt
OneStarryMom: um huh?
OneStarryMom: that came from what?
OneStarryMom: looking at my sexy self?
whoneedsdaworld: talking with you im crying i hate this
OneStarryMom: its the mouth, i put on too much lipgloss
OneStarryMom: crying? i wanna hear you cry!!!
OneStarryMom: you didn’t cry when chubs was born, we both deserve to hear you cry ahahhaha
whoneedsdaworld: cant not my phone or place you will talk on phone soon cell cant wait
OneStarryMom: you said last night you were going to call me today
whoneedsdaworld: later its early
OneStarryMom: i need reliablity on that
OneStarryMom: well yeah duh
whoneedsdaworld: i will call
OneStarryMom: he is picking apart his waffle and tossing it to the floor
OneStarryMom: and i JUST vacumned yesterday
whoneedsdaworld: he likes that lots
OneStarryMom: my waffle baby
whoneedsdaworld: yeah thats chubs makin ya work
OneStarryMom: he had some eggs with me and some toast, then his waffle
whoneedsdaworld: haha exactly
whoneedsdaworld: damn loving the trapt cd always listening to it
OneStarryMom: obsessive!
whoneedsdaworld: sorry i never hear anything i like anymore
OneStarryMom: i listen to shawn desman, ryan tedder
whoneedsdaworld: i like the all american rejects heard some of that
whoneedsdaworld: never heard sorry
OneStarryMom: yeah i get like that, so i look in other countries for my music
OneStarryMom: well they aren’t in the US at all
whoneedsdaworld: i see could splain haha
OneStarryMom: if you want i can email you three mp3s that i obsess over, can you get mp3s
whoneedsdaworld: well i dont have cable or online to download dork
OneStarryMom: welllllll thennnnnnnn
whoneedsdaworld: um i can but d/l takes ages
OneStarryMom: lemme see if i can find samples
OneStarryMom: i think shawn desman has samples
whoneedsdaworld: its hard to d/l anything on here crapy comp its not the greatest let me tell ya
OneStarryMom: http://shawndesman.com/
whoneedsdaworld: :)
OneStarryMom: this song doesn’t make me sad per say, but always ends up with me sobby
OneStarryMom: i need to blog about the perfect mix cd ahhahaha
whoneedsdaworld: um okes
whoneedsdaworld: avril is my cd to get sad with
whoneedsdaworld: i love it always have it near me
OneStarryMom: ahhahahahahahahahhaah
OneStarryMom: sounds kinky
whoneedsdaworld: hey she is cute n all but kinda youngin so i must suffer haha
OneStarryMom: ugh you think thats cute?
OneStarryMom: i hate to think what you think of me then
whoneedsdaworld: why you say that for
OneStarryMom: i guess i don’t see her as cute? so if you think THATS cute, it makes me wonder what you view ME as
OneStarryMom: i mean kevin says im “very stunning” but i don’t think he thinks avril is “cute”
whoneedsdaworld: well she is cute in a weird way so do0esnt fit my type at all just something bout her not carrying what she looks like n her attitude i guess
OneStarryMom: ohhhh kkkkk
whoneedsdaworld: kevin has issues
OneStarryMom: so someone has to have issues to think im pretty??
whoneedsdaworld: whenver i hang with him i try to get him to look at girls he is like i guess she is ok im like hello anyoine there
whoneedsdaworld: i didnt mean it like that at all
OneStarryMom: maybe he is just waiting for me ahahahhaha
whoneedsdaworld: puting words in mouth
whoneedsdaworld: perhaps he is obsessed n all
OneStarryMom: whats wrong with being obsessed with me ahhahaha
whoneedsdaworld: i dont like obsesive people i have had enogh of that
OneStarryMom: can’t find a sound sample, but here are the lyrics to the ryan tedder song
OneStarryMom: www.intensevibe.com/ryan/lyrics/thelook.html
OneStarryMom: ahhh people can get obsessed with me as long as its in a good way, i mean nothing can be wrong about being called stunning!!
OneStarryMom: that boy is good for self morale!
whoneedsdaworld: yeah its a good thing
whoneedsdaworld: haha yeppers
OneStarryMom: ali said i should make kevin weep and take his virginity ahahhahahaha
whoneedsdaworld: i guess i dont really think that way though i just kinda know im somewhat cute gets me buy
OneStarryMom: hahaha i know im gorgeous and stunning apparently
whoneedsdaworld: im sure that would be so exciting n all snooz
OneStarryMom: are you jealous or something??
whoneedsdaworld: hahahahaha me jealous never hun
OneStarryMom: so if i slept with kevin you wouldn’t care?
whoneedsdaworld: i dont get jealous i get even corny haha
whoneedsdaworld: i wouldnt talk to ya but thats all u
OneStarryMom: you wouldn’t talk to me even though YOU decided to have us well in our current situations right now, so if i EVER got romantic with kevin, you wouldn’t talk to me? how is that fair?
OneStarryMom: is it because its kevin or the whole thing?
whoneedsdaworld: whole thing
OneStarryMom: ahhh so you can do it but i can’t
whoneedsdaworld: im a bitch like that doesnt it just piss you off
OneStarryMom: very nice
OneStarryMom: no it doesn’t piss me off
OneStarryMom: doesn’t really change a thing, although it sorta makes me think you lied out your ass last night, and i was actually pondering what it might have been like to let myself feel for you again without getting all sobby
whoneedsdaworld: i will be the alfa male the pig the ignorant man that has his way like that again corny
OneStarryMom: well as i await your response
whoneedsdaworld: how did i lie if you think that then thats your deal im not going to suck up to make you feel any better i told you my thoughts if you cant deal then i guess thats it poor me life blows but im getting used to life blowing
OneStarryMom: i don’t need anyone to make me feel better
whoneedsdaworld: thats a good thing
OneStarryMom: you say you love me
whoneedsdaworld: yeah i said that
OneStarryMom: yeah you SAID it, did you mean it?
whoneedsdaworld: yes i meant it
OneStarryMom: you don’t just toss things like that out there for no reason
OneStarryMom: what do you want from me?
OneStarryMom: i am very confused
OneStarryMom: emotionally on all of this
whoneedsdaworld: i want to be with you again miss you
OneStarryMom: uhhh expand on that? WHY do you want to be with me? what do you miss about me? i mean…. i need you to show me you love me… but how? phone calls? emails? REAL mail? fun mix cds of sappy love songs? i mean i’ve never been in this situation before of breaking up making up, that is more ali and jess heh
whoneedsdaworld: what do i miss i miss alot of thing sorr aol is going like nuts ghive me a sec to try to get it better
OneStarryMom: ok
whoneedsdaworld: k lil better not so slow haha sorry aol hates me
whoneedsdaworld: i miss holding you at night and your smile when you are happy about lil things can be like just going for a drive somewhere you would be so happyt
OneStarryMom: i am easily amused yes, chubs got that from me heh
whoneedsdaworld: i miss making fun of you sorry its funny i know
OneStarryMom: don’t get me started mr blonde!
whoneedsdaworld: im glad he got it from you
whoneedsdaworld: haha what you dont like my hair sniffles
OneStarryMom: sob sob, what about everything else i wrote?
whoneedsdaworld: friends calling me now valley boy cause of tan n hair its messed up
whoneedsdaworld: i dont know what i can do to make it any better and try to make you happy again i miss you i will do alot to make you see that
OneStarryMom: i really hope so, i mean i would like that yes
whoneedsdaworld: as far as sappy cds im kinda without a burner or anything sorry
OneStarryMom: hahahaha well mix tapes, cds, its all good, im in a mix – music kind of mood ahahhahaha
OneStarryMom: yeah and love poems, love letters hahahahahaha
*** whoneedsdaworld signed off at Sun Jun 01 07:44:11 2003.
Session Close (whoneedsdaworld): Sun Jun 01 07:53:36 2003

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posted on June 1st 2003 at 8:22AM CDT

I would love to see the new layout.  :)

*hugs*  I don’t know what to tell you.  I don’t want you to get hurt again.  It is all going to work out for the best, whatever happens.

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