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In life on and offline, I noticed (and honestly it seems more common in those 20 and under from my perspective) that so many people can’t say a paragraph without swearing and using foul language.

Example #1

I posted the “Why use IE” on a few message boards, although the MAJORITY do not resort to using profanity, a considerable amount of people do say:

“because i fucking can”
“who gives a shit”
“what the fuck ever”

I can’t help but view those people as being not well educated, that they can’t get their point across without using such phrases.

Example #2

I was playing with my 2 1/2 yr old son on the small playground located in our apartment complex. Two young boys perhaps 13-14 years of age came over to the playground area and started slinging the word “faggot” to each other. I said to them firmly, “Excuse me, do you not see my two year old standing right here?” after that they stopped using inappropriate language. By all means if their parents permit that in their own home… who am I to say that is unacceptable? When you use that on a public playground I do feel I have every right to speak up as I do not need my two year old coming home spouting such nasty words.

I am not saying it is wrong to swear (by all means you should see some of my LJ entries!) but when is it and when isn’t it, appropriate?

So, my question is, WHY is it so common to swear when a non profane word could be used instead? Instead of “I don’t fucking care” why can’t you say “I don’t care” is it just too difficult? So is profanity really necessary?