Project 365 / Day 3

January 3rd 2011 / 1 minute to read

I’ve never been a very organized person and I feel that my jewelry box shows that part of my personality!

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Your jewelry box looks just like mine! LOL

Reply to Danielle

I’m glad I’m not alone LOL!

Oh yeah. I was TRYING to organize mine the other day. Big fat fail. LOL

I gave up trying. If the stuff is OUT of the jewelry box, sir nummies tries to make off with it all sneaky like and I end up missing earrings!


Fun topic! Mine looks a little better than yours, but only because I sat down and organized it when I was doing the fashion challenge in September… I realized I never used half of what I have because I kept forgetting what I owned!

Reply to cheryl

OH yes. I tend to use my earrings that have turquoise the MOST often and everything else tends to get unused for months.

Renèe (Maevyn)

Hi Sarah!! Been forever since I’ve been over here; I left
the blogging world for about a year. I recently found you again and
wanted to say hello; became a fan on Facebook. I love what you’ve
done with the place, and congratulations on your beautiful family!
:) This photo could reflect my jewelry box, too. LOL. I’m organized
in almost every other aspect of my life except for that. And my
desk. LOL

Reply to Renèe (Maevyn)

OH yay! I suppose that’s the one good thing about keeping a domain name as long as I have LOL, easy to find and remember!

Mine doesn’t look any better even though I have a jewelry armoire. I love that we get a glimpse of your personal style in this photo though. It’s kind of intimate.

Thank you! I never know what to do with all of it.


I love it.

Reply to Lynda

Yay thank you!

Kimberly Gauthier Photography

I really like this one! It’s gorgeous, great color, and so simple that it’s perfect. This is going to be a fun project!

Reply to Kimberly Gauthier Photography

Thank you so very much! I just hope I can keep it up!

Oh man, if I got my hands on that you wouldn’t be able to find a thing! I’d organize it into oblivion! LOL! I am very tidy, and can’t handle clutter, so my jewelry box has several little compartments, and an open bottom in which every set of earrings has its own little box, and all of my bracelets are layed out nicely, haha! I even have hooks hanging on the wall with my necklaces organized by how often I wear them. I’m a nut, though, lol. Nicely framed shot ;) I like the dark to light gradient effect

AHH if only you lived closer, I could hire you as an “Organizational Expert”!!

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