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I tell myself when we are able to get outside or when there’s actually things going on…besides hanging out playing with toys and watching movies.

Reply to Alena

Keith says I go crazy every Winter but I still think LAST Winter I did ok. Probably because he was home at the time LOL.


Oooh love the berries! I found that my 365 just has good steam about 1/4 days. lol!

Reply to Sara

I just don’t really HAVE anything in the house and don’t want to fall into the trap of posting a billion photos of the kids.

I love the candle — all the different colors and the soft focus — really nice shot!


The candle is a really beautiful picture. (:

Reply to Audrey

If I remember correctly, I got it at a ren faire a couple years ago.

Thank you! It’s so pretty that I rarely use it LOL


That candle is beautiful and I am in love with those berries.

Reply to Caity

Thank you so much!


That candle… I love it! It’s one of those you don’t want to burn so that it stays pretty forever. lol. Gorgeous photos!

Reply to Catie

I know, especially since I can’t remember exactly WHERE I got it so I can’t just buy another one!


Love that candle! So pretty.

I so need to get motivated about the 365! I know I’m not going to be able to take a picture everyday, I really just don’t have the time to pick my camera up everyday, but I definitely want to at least take a picture to represent every day. I’m okay with catching up on the weekends, I just want to make the effort and maybe next year I’ll do better!

Reply to Cori

Why not try to do that other project… 52 weeks I think it’s called? A photo a week for one year!

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