Puffy Glitter

December 10th 2005 / 1 minute to read

First, here’s some photos of me from right this oh so very instant. Don’t I look fabulous at almost 2am?




I’ve had a rough day, found out that some people I used to think of as close friends turned out to be anything but. So lesson learned *wallows in glitter puffs* I just wonder… how do you handle being gossiped about, plotted against, and backstabbed by people who on the surface appeared to be your closest friends? At the very least I know that I still have a wonderful circle of trustworthy friends who accept my glitter ways even if they don’t understand them!

It’s supposed to (hopefully!) snow more tomorrow, that would be awesome because I totally want to build a snowman with Daniel! With a carrot for the nose and everything!

Well I suppose I am going to find some new music (new to me anyway!) to listen to and then go to bed for some sleep!

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You look beautimus! Glasses are smart. I need me a spiffy pair soon. I am just getting/feeling old. *sigh* I hope it snow for you. Snow fun is awesome. I am still hoping for snow here soon. HUGS!

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