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I heard from the guy’s insurance company today, basically, his insurance company told me today they believe I’M THE ONE AT FAULT because I SHOULD HAVE NOTICED HIM. Even though I was in the “proper” lane and he was coming AT ME , his FRONT SLAMMED into the right rear of my vehicle. I had to drive on my spare tire for A WEEK (until the awesome people at Midas repaired my tire and put it back onto my car for FREE).  So even though he admitted fault to me and my supervisor, he suddenly changed his story that now has him “cautiously inching out and being aware of his surroundings until I came out of nowhere”. Fuck that.

Did I mention the back pain that keeps me up at night? Has me crying at work? Sheer agony? I am going to make a doctors appointment first thing in the morning tomorrow.

ETA I saw the doctor, she gave me prescriptions for a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen. She said my back is really inflamed and swollen so she can’t tell the whole extent of my injuries but that if I am still hurting in one week that she will take a more aggressive approach and as it stands she believes I may need physical therapy. Insane isn’t it? This accident compared to last year was nothing and yet physically I am more screwed up.

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posted on March 7th 2008 at 5:57AM CST

Sorry to hear about this, that sucks. I hope you can get this matter resolved soon.

posted on March 7th 2008 at 6:53AM CST

What a douche.  And yes, I’d use that in your testimony. =)

posted on March 7th 2008 at 6:04PM CST

Please tell me you’re going to appeal. Can you get a lawyer? Being a single mom working hard, you should be able to get free or greatly reduced legal help, and then sue the fucker’s pants off.

God, I got so ridiculously lucky with my car accident. The old bitty bat that made a left turn right in front of me on a 45mph road didn’t contest anything, so her insurance company cut us a check for our car, no questions asked. Sigh. I hope this mess will resolve itself quickly. :(

posted on March 7th 2008 at 8:20PM CST

Ugh at this guy, and his insurance company. Just keep on top of them, because they’ll try anything to avoid paying out, I’m sure.

posted on March 8th 2008 at 10:29AM CST

What a nightmare. People like that can make you lose faith in the whole human race. I’m so sorry this happened to you & hope you feel better soon—and hope that the insurance company pays up without too much pestering. I’m really surprised at their behavior, considering that (1) it’s not a huge claim, and (2) their client didn’t even contact them immediately, which is pretty suspicious.

For your back, moist heat is good for relaxing muscles; a moist heating pad used several times a day might help, or hot baths if you can maneuver in & out of the tub without straining those muscles. Good luck & feel better!!!

car lease gal
posted on March 26th 2008 at 3:06AM CDT

I’ve been to a similar situation! I don’t want to think more about it and yes insurance companies are SH*T. Please don’t give up until they pay for the damages. But whatever they pay can’t compensate for the emotional stress! Bastar*s.

I am sorry for the injury on your back. You may want to take some pain relievers at night so you can sleep okay.

Good luck and get well.

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