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November 21st 2011 / 1 minute to read

Have any burning photography, cosmetic, blog, WordPress, or ANY question at all you would like me to answer? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jodi Hall


What kind of lenses do you have for your camera.

What kind of foundation would you suggest for fair skin?

What kind of cleanser would you suggest for oily skin?

Ok thats a good start :D

Reply to Jodi Hall

Oh I have a question … what’s your favorite camera lens and why?

I am planning on customizing Word Press even more so. So far, I’ve been using premade themes, but I miss having my own touches. I am planning to use a very customizable theme… but do you have any tips for someone who is branching out?

How does one TEST the themes without making it go live or taking the site down forever with maintenance mode?



I’m starting a blog of my own. Any general advice on running a blog? Etiquette? Ways to boost followers?

Reply to Lise

I have a request, actually. I’d like to see your entire makeup and nail polish collection in one photo, maybe splayed out on the kitchen table or something. Why? Because I’m so stinkin’ curious as to how large your collection is. I’m convinced that you have your own Sephora at your house. lol

Have a great day, Sarah. Been thinking about you and following your progress on MFP. :)

Jennifer Tait

How did you get started in photography? How did you decide on a Nikon camera vs. Cannon. Seems like there are a lot more cannon users out there. I finally splurged on a DSLR and bought a Nikon – something which I never thought I would do but found it had all the features and button placment I liked. For a newbie to DSLR would you suggest taking a class or two if so online or maybe community college or maybe just a couple websites that you found handy. I did sign up for clickin moms but need to find some time to spend quality time on their website. Any advice would be awesome.

Also yes, how big is your makeup collection. Would love to see a pic of all of it. Have a great Wednesday.

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I have another question!

My sister recently graduated as a photographer and it’s really hard to get a job in Canada’s capitol city (Ottawa). Any good advice for a fellow photographer?

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