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December 22nd 2009 / 1 minute to read


Surely the first of many Question and Answer posts I will do in the days to come!

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of comments, tweets, emails about how I do things around OSN and thought perhaps I should open the floor if you will, so that I can not only help YOU, but maybe share some stuff that you didn’t think about!

Ask as many questions as you want specific to WordPress, blogging, design, CSS, XHTML, coding, plugins, photography, etc. I will do my best to answer your questions, share tips/techniques, plugins I use and how I’ve tweaked them on Friday. The more questions you ask, the better!

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I really like the layout of your site; it’s simple but pretty :)

I’m always finding alternate ways to make a 3-columned footer so I hope you can share ;)
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Reply to Dayze

I absolutely love how you get yours and the kidlet’s eyes to pop in your photos. I’ve always wanted to know how to do that. I know it’s probably not so easy with brown eyes, but I’d like to try. What’s the trick that everyone is so not willing to share? :D
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How do I add the Google Reader to a WP.com account? I’d love for people to be able to follow my blog that way. And, can I change from a 2 column to a 3 column format without totally destroying my blog?
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I’m thinking of making the move from Blogger to WordPress. Do you have any suggestions for a smooth transition?


You’d mentioned in your post last week something about starting out with CSS structure first, then adding styling/images later, correct?

Question I have is do you have an idea in mind of what you want the end result to be? css-tricks.com just unveiled it’s 5th “look” since launch, and the author said that on his local PC, it’s actually the 12th design he’s come up with… so, needless to say, nothing stays implemented forever, changes can be made from time to time…

But, I have to think you have an “end-game” in mind when starting a new page look, right? I checked out the links in your footer where your designs are featured – you have some nice-looking designs… are you secretly a pro designer?
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Reply to Tom

I would like to know how you added an image to the footer of your RSS and how you do the stay up to date bit :)

Love your website hun
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Reply to Damita

First let me say I really like the layout of your blog. It has alwas been pretty & simple (well since I’ve been following you on Twitter anyway.) I don’t currently have a wordpress blog but because of your last (?) post about how to improve your blog, I decided I didn’t want a blogspot anymore. So I’m sure I will have questions for you once I get the ball rolling on that!
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What awesome questions! I can’t wait to go through and answer them all.


Ooh what a great idea to open the floor to us and offer your expertise! How generous of you!

Firstly, I was curious if you would share some of your favorite WordPress plugins with us.

Second, I was wondering if you would share about your links page. Do you set it up via WordPress somehow or did you code it yourself? I love how it is set up and I have seen other people set it up similarly.

Lastly, I absolutely adore how you style your comments and I always have. Do you use a tutorial to get certain elements from it anywhere such as the beautiful rounded corners, the way you number them, alternating colors when you answer a comment, how you integrate your gravatars so beautifully, or any of the other cool features like integrating Twitter IDs or are you just a CSS goddess?

Reply to Caity

How do you get your alternating comments to be rounded?
Would it ever annoy you if I suddenly asked you for CSS help on twitter?

Reply to Dez

what are you using for your twitter sidebar? simplepie?

are you using a plugin for the numbered-page navigation?
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Reply to Tom

@Erin, do you mean the self-hosted version I use or wordpress.com which is similar to blogspot aka username.wordpress.com “hosted” blog?

@Tom, I am going to do a separate entry on all the plugins I use. lol I am NOT a pro-designer, as it is I can’t stand the images in my header although I like the text. Go figure.

I generally have an idea of what I want before I start creating. However what’s in my head and what ends up on the page are usually two different stories lol.

Great bokeh photo!

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