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Firstly, some HUGE news…. my twin sister is PREGNANT! She is just about 10 weeks along now. I am so beyond excited. I am probably the most excited out of anyone! We had an ultrasound already because she was unsure about her dates and to see that tiny little heart going…. just stops me. The “morning” sickness has just started to kick in and her next appointment is on Dec 12th where we are getting another ultrasound I am so excited to see how big the baby has gotten in just 4 weeks! AHH a BABY!!! Her due date is June 23, 2008.

Otherwise, I am struggling. Work is going really well but then I come home and when all is quiet and dark I just… start to crumble and I have no clue why. I am feeling SO alone lately. I feel like I don’t have the ability to CONNECT with anyone anymore. I haven’t spoken to long time friends in months. I can’t seem to get back on track. It’s not that I’m exactly sad per say because I’m not really, I’m just… stuck.

Anyway, here are a couple self portraits from last night.




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