Just a quick note before we go visit my grandmother. It is mucho fun here yay claps heh. I checked my email and I am making a list of who will be allowed to Restricted entries and who will be allowed to the Super Restricted entries. I am upset that even with the restrictions I still have people coming down on me about my parenting. I am sorry. I am ANTI FORMULA ANTI BOTTLES!!!! I do not CARE if people think I am closed minded, which I am not. I have never told anyone I think they are a bad parent etc. I just think fake =  bad. Anyways, as I wait for the comments to roll in about that because like usual, I will get them heh. I just go by the golden rule, if you do not have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all. Besides, if people do not feel comfortable reading my pro-breastfeeding, natrual parenting, they do not need to read my blog or visit OneStarryNight.

So, if you are one of those people, please, don’t comment and complain, or bitch about me somewhere else. Because I do not do that to anyone else.

Anyways, I will hardly let anyone read this entry but I just needed to say all of that. Also, only a few people will get to see my vacation pics.

I just….UGHHH what is WRONG with people!! The restricting of the entries is so I do NOT get all the bitching!!! UGHHHHHHH I don’t complain about people’s lives and styles so why get so bent out of shape about mine! UGH!