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August 27th 2004 / 1 minute to read

Ok, I posted a super duper friends only entry in my LiveJournal. Well one of the comments, the one from Mary… well it got me to tears. This part especially:

you love your son. you feed your son. you take care of his needs. and you worry about your son. i don’t know if you think back on your whole life and realize this but, you’ve been through alot. and if you keep thinking about it you’re still doing what you need to. and you’re still making it.

I don’t like to think about my past. I have been through a lot. Very few of you know how much I’ve actually been through. Amber has been with me through some of it when I used to live in Tucson.

Mary was the sole person I really talked to all of last year. I mean that literally. The only person I would call and talk to for hours on end. I was having a very hard time and she was the only person that could relate. So yeah… I just had to express that.

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i just don’t want you to forget all of the good things you have inside of you. and the good things in your heart.

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