April 9th 2002 / 2 minutes to read

Right now Ali and Jessica went to The Cheese House, which is in PA, Matt and Daniel are sleeping in the recliner, and well, here I am, blogging heh.
It is raining a lot today, but supposedly tomorrow is supposed to be nice, maybe we will all go out tomorrow, Daniel LOVES the fresh air.
I hope we get moved into the upstairs apt soon, Sat night, Matt called the cops on the apt above us, they were LOUD! Screaming, hitting things, throwing things, loud music, etc. My ears did not stop ringing for about a day, poor Daniel is just now catching up on his sleep from that night.
Tonight, I think I will make lasanga, or maybe we will order something in, not sure yet. Poor Matt, he has to work again, at least he is getting some more sleep right now.
I will be making data cds for Ali and Jessica later, mostly programs for Jessica and what nots for Ali, hmmm I wonder what happened with the review board thingy for Amber?
Anyways, OH almost forgot to mention to check out and adore Kristine’s new colorful skin, I set it for me, loveeeee ittttt. heh I wish I could do skins, I read the tutorial but I do not understand header and footers for .php stuff.
Also, I was sad to see that Jenn has taken her sites down for the time being, I always enjoyed reading her blog.
Well that is it for now!

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