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I got it so each skin has its own commenting style sheet so everything is a bit more… matching lol. All in due time will I attack the subsections and make it match. Next week for sure.

I am quite out of it right now. I shouldn’t have stayed up so late but I somehow ended up back in the horrid habit of drinking soda again and it is wrecking with my body. I am freaked out about going through caffine withdrawl again. Not fun.

I emailed all hostees so check your OSN email!

Ok well off to bed finally lol I hope everyone has a good holiday morning!

posted on December 25th 2003 at 7:20AM CST

wicked layout! awww, not drink to much soda! hehehe! Have a wicked xmas! Gearte xxx

posted on December 25th 2003 at 8:28AM CST

Hey hey, merry xmas, happy new year, and all the good stuff. lol.

posted on December 25th 2003 at 11:19AM CST

Merry Christmas and Blessed Yule season to you Sarah & Daniel.  May your year be bright!