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First of all go enjoy the brand new Iris! My totally revamped photolog! You can add the RSS feed to bloglines, sage, anything! Love me!

I’ve been super busy at work lately, today was very hectic and I work tomorrow (just a few hours).

I don’t even know what to say right now!

Well, if anything, at work today, since it was very slow, I had the one plumber stop and get me Starbucks. That was very nice, although I probably shouldn’t have had the venti because I got a headache that lasted for about two hours afterwards since I forgot to have lunch today.

I need some sort of checklist, I am so forgetful and such a procrastinator that things that need to get done… end up… put to the side for months and it is very irritating!

I know, I am jumping all over the place. I am just all in my *ohhh I’m awake past my bedtime* phase.

I miss my Princess Gina! She is special, she has a cubicle. I am honestly jealous of this. I totally want a cubicle! A cubicle is allowed to be somewhat personalized!

Shannon and I have both been on this spastic photoblog kick, you need to go and check out Venus which is fantastic!

I taught my son to say “nuggies” for chicken nuggets. Nuggies people. NUGGIES!!

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